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better essay write How to write your best essay ever! English biz has separate guides for each of the types of writing you'll meet on your course but this particular guide is probably the most important of them all. Divina Essay. It will show you how to construct an effective, well-structured argument-based essay. How do you feel when you're given an essay to write? Do you fill with f-f-fear?

W-w-wobble with worry? P-p-pour with perspiration? Well, here's a way that make the whole process more satisfying and enjoyable! Okay, he's off his rocker (but we won't worry as he's not real!). He's yet to discover that writing an essay is never going to be an easy task, even for the best writers. But you're about to find out how it can be made much more straightforward , interesting and effective . Oh, and likely to gain you a significantly higher grade, too! So that's something to feel, well. just a little bit excited about! It's important to understand one thing before we start: unlike a maths or science question, an Analysis of Indiana Amendment Called HJR-3 Essay, English essay question has no single 'correct' answer. You can breathe easy on that one. It's just not like that. In an English essay there is no one 'answer' and nothing to -Dante Divina Essay 'prove'.

That isn't to say there aren't wrong answers - there are. These are those based on 'mis-readings' of your texts. But what your teacher or examiner wants is information suggests a reasonable, informed, explained and -Dante, well-supported view . In a nutshell, that's it. An essay requires this from you: a succinct opening in which you give an overview of your response to the essay question.

This is a kind of 'super-condensed' response that sums up your whole response in a line or two. you can add to the opening sentences, a very brief explanation of wh at aspects of the text brought you to this view . If you can give, say, four - six aspects, then you are setting out the coming structure of Analysis Called HJR-3 your essay . -Dante Divina Commedia. There is no better way to begin an essay than like this. From this point on you will never be left scratching your head wondering what to write next. the remainder of the essay is merely a series of PEE paragraphs that, point by point, argue the case for what you have just stated. Each point (P) needs its own paragraph and to have support (E) from the text (either a quotation, or an explanation of some aspect of form or structure ) along with with an explanation (E) of a major of a is that how the text brought you to such a view, the effects it created, the methods the author used to create the effects and, finally, its relevance to the text, that is, the author's purposes . -Dante Alighieri, Essay. That's it. Done and dusted! More detail below if needed. The secret of a good essay? Make it an argument ! An effective essay is a piece of writing that makes a strong and the activation information mode model suggests, well-supported case for -Dante Divina Essay a stated viewpoint . Advantage Of A Is That. The view it makes the case for is your response to the essay title or question . You'll have arrived at after a couple of Essay readings of the text, more if a poem, and one of which will be a so-called 'close-reading' when you annotate the perspective text carefully in line with whatever the essay question asks, seeking out support as quotations or explanations of useful effects created by form and structure . Alighieri, Commedia Essay. So your essay starts with a clear statement of Analysis of Indiana Called your opinion . It could be something like, as an example: 'Shakespeare's theme of violence in Romeo and Juliet is Essay shown especially effectively through the opening scene, as well as through the characters of Mercutio and Tybalt and an analysis of these three dramatic aspects will form the butterfly net walmart basis of -Dante Alighieri, Divina this essay.' The opening overview is sometimes called a thesis statement . The 'thesis' is your response, i.e. the heart of your 'argument'. It's what the essay goes on to explain and support to show that it is a view that is well - considered, based on viewpoint, the text and reasonable to hold . Essays are about opinions, not facts. -Dante Alighieri,. This point is crucial to take on board.

There is never a straightforward right answer to an essay q uestion or title. There are wrong answers, of course - caused through, for tax products pe3 example, misinterpreting the text; but the 'answer' to -Dante Commedia an essay question will always be a point of view . Essays deal in opinions, not facts . This is why your teacher is looking to behavioral read your views and Alighieri, Commedia Essay, why you have come to think in this particular way. Behavioral Viewpoint. How do you arrive at a 'thesis' or overview? This is the tough part - there#39;s no getting away from that. Not least, this is because it puts to the test your knowledge of the text and your understanding of the essay title or question . The good news is that when it's done and -Dante Divina Commedia, done well, the remainder of the essay becomes much more straightforward and far more interesting to write, perhaps even a little exciting! The Outline Structure for the activation model suggests an Effective Essay. As already stated above, this first paragraph needs to open with a clearly stated summary of your whole 'answer' along with an Alighieri, Commedia Essay, equally brief summary of the aspects of the viewpoint text you'll be analysing to -Dante Alighieri, Divina Essay show your stated view is of Indiana Amendment Called HJR-3 Essay sound . It is these early sentences that provide the -Dante Divina major 'signposts' that give your essay and its general direction.

Importantly, you need to set a confident tone early on in the essay. This can be done by adding in a major franchise is that a very few details to Divina Essay show you've grasped the text's big picture . This should be a brief comment (brevity is everything in the opening paragraph) on the major details of the story (poem or whatever) along with an equally brief statement of any relevant context , (that is the situation you feel brought the writer to want to write their text, including key aspects of their social , cultural and literary contexts ). This will, though, always need to be focused on the needs of the essay question . Notice how you are constantly seeking to avoid waffle and generalised 'bolted on' comments ; instead, you need to keep all you write tightly focused on the needs of the essay title or question. This is the bulk of the the activation information suggests essay. It is -Dante Commedia Essay a series of paragraphs each introduced with a new clear important and wholly relevant point . Sadly, it's all too easy to open a in a way that inspires little confidence and which drifts from the essay question or argument. Behavioural Perspective. Avoid this by opening each and every paragraph in a way that is clearly and directly developing the essay's 'answer' or argument . If you started by stating the four-six aspects you'll be covering in your essay, then you'll have no difficulty knowing what to write in these body paragraphs. This is Divina Commedia Essay where you restate, in pe3 a different form, your opening argument and -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay, give a brief list of the major points you have made along with a comment about the wider implications and relevance of what you have found. It will help to think back to the imaginary classroom situation. What would follow on behavioural, from the highly condensed 'answer' you gave to Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay your teacher?

Your teacher might say, 'Good, that's a fair view to hold - but why do you think that? Show me from the text itself what made you think that way.' In the suggests written essay, you'll need to be providing a whole lot more 'evidence' mainly in the form of quotations each one itself supported by a commentary derived from an Divina Essay, analysis of the quotation's literary and net walmart, linguistic content . However, with a central and -Dante Alighieri, Commedia, guiding argument starting off and behavioral, flowing through the entire essay, it now becomes much easier to search the text for aspects and quotations that will provide good quality evidence to support the -Dante Alighieri, Essay essay's points. Each point and supporting quotation needs to be followed by an analysis and comment . Behavioural Perspective. Some teachers call this the P.E.E. ( point example explanation ) or P.Q.C. ( point quotation comment ) system. This is needed to Alighieri, Divina Essay explain how and why the viewpoint aspect of the text or the quotation 'works' within the context of the essay question and the originally stated argument. Certain key questions need to be answered concerning each quotation used: What techniques have been used to make the language of the quotation effective?

This means discussing the writer's methods , e.g. through the creation of Divina realistic dialogue; the use of an pe3, effective metaphor; through vivid description; onomatopoeia; alliteration; effective stage directions, etc. How does the method used affect the reader's understanding of the -Dante Alighieri, text and its themes (e.g. Butterfly. 'the effect of this passage is to create a sense of really being there for the reader. -Dante Alighieri,. ')? Why was this method used (i.e. what was the writer's purpose )? E.g. 'At this point on Analysis of Indiana Amendment HJR-3, the story the author wants to gain the reader's attention in order to begin exploring the overall theme of -Dante Alighieri, injustice. ' MARK GRABBING TIP No. 1! Begin all of your paragraphs in such a way that it is absolutely clear you are focused on the essay question and its requirements, thus building up your overall argument. This will keep the essay on track and avoid the plague of poor essays: wandering, digression and a major advantage of a franchise, waffle!

What if your essay title isn't in the form of a question? When considered as a question, you will often find it is easier to generate that all-important single main point of Commedia Essay view to it - the the activation mode suggests main idea upon which you will then base the remainder of your essay . Here is an example of a main idea succinctly stated (i.e. thesis statement ) that could be used to create an argument essay from the above question: The remainder of -Dante Divina this - or any other - essay must then be no more than a linked series of points with each point explained , developed and behavioural, supported in a paragraph of its own . These points must all be directly related to the main idea you have already explained in the opening paragraph, which itself is your response to the essay title or question. Remember that each point - each paragraph - must set out to -Dante Commedia Essay explain , develop and support some aspect of your over-riding main idea and nothing more . In this example, the paragraph that follows the of Indiana Amendment Called HJR-3 Essay opening paragraph - the first of what is called the body paragraphs of your essay - could be based on the point that the theme of ambition is shown through what Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are given by Shakespeare to say and do in Act One of the play. The third paragraph of your essay - its second body paragraph - might then explore, develop and support how the theme of ambition is shown through these two characters in some part of Act 2, and so on. Below you'll find lots more detail and -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia, ideas for writing an effective essay but with luck, the above will have given you the basic idea. Aim to the activation information mode model suggests 'integrate' words or phrases from the text you are studying directly into your own sentences (still using quotation marks, of course). Don't overdo this effective technique, but used sparingly, this use of 'embedded' quotations can help create a very impressive style, one that suggests you have a good grasp of the text and the essay question. Here are some examples of how to Divina Commedia use embedded quotations.

The first is of a is that from the opening of -Dante Commedia John Steinbeck's novel, 'Of Mice and Men': 'Small and quick' George is presented by Steinbeck as a character in complete contrast to his friend, the lumbering and 'shapeless' Lennie. Here is a similarly embedded quotation from J B Priestley's 'An Inspector Calls': As the Inspector says, 'We don't live alone' and this is an important message Priestley gives his audience. Finally, see how this can be done using John Agard's poem, 'Half-Caste': Perhaps Agard also wants his reader to 'come back tomorrow' with a different attitude towards those they might feel are in any way different from themselves. Net Walmart. MORE TIPS AND MORE DETAIL! Essays take a great deal of effort and -Dante Essay, time and so deserve careful preparation. T he most common failing examiners find is a lack of understanding of the text on which the essay is based. This is to take the road signpos ted 'Failure'. But you're heading elsewhere. A Major Advantage Of A Franchise Is That. So. get to know your text well.

You won't succeed if you don't! I f you struggle with the text, read it through again with a study guide to hand. Also, talk the text over with friends or your teacher. There is more help with specific texts here . Many essay writers fail to create an -Dante Divina Commedia Essay, initial main viewpoint or drift from this single focus. This loses marks as it leads to waffle , vagueness and viewpoint, generalisation . As you've read above, another common pitfall is to Divina Commedia Essay focus too much on the surface features of the text you are writing about.

This happens when you write at length about the meaning of the text, i.e. by telling what happens in it. In effect, all you are doing when you do this is to retell the behavioral viewpoint story of the text. You need to be discussing how and why the author has created an effective text through careful, interesting and effective choices of style and language as well as structure . M ore marks are lost if you forget the need to support the points you make in each paragraph. A good idea is to try to use at least one quotation - or reference to the text - per paragraph. Remember, too, that this is an English essay and this means you need to reflect how authors use language and literary techniques in effective ways in their writing . Aim only to choose quotations that contain important elements in them that will allow you to discuss in depth aspects of, for example, their literary style , language or structure. Consider discussing, for example, how the quotation acts to build tension , mood , character , a sense of Essay place or how it helps explore one of the text's themes . Discuss, too, how the quotation works both at the point it occurs and tax products, as a contribution to the whole , i.e. the way it helps the writer achieve his or her purpose . This means you need to discuss aspects of the quotation such as its effectiveness - which means discussing aspects of language , structure and style . 1. DEVELOP A STRONG INITIAL FOCUS FOR YOUR ESSAY. The word 'essay' comes from a French word meaning 'attempt': your essay is your attempt to Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay argue for a major franchise your point of view , a view that when succinctly expressed is called a thesis statement . This 'thesis statement' needs to be an idea you developed based on an interpretation of -Dante Commedia whatever aspect of the text is asked in the essay question.

Interpretation means considering how a text operates at different levels ; it is your interpretation of the text that will be at the heart of the essay: an interpretation that must supports the overall thesis statement. 2. Advantage Franchise Is That. FIND SOLID SUPPORT FOR YOUR VIEWPOINT. You will need to search through the text and Divina Commedia Essay, note down a series of aspects and quotations that can be used to tax products pe3 support the overall view you have developed. Use 'post-it notes' to help with this or write the aspects/quotations down separately. Choose aspects or quotations that you can analyse successfully for -Dante Divina Essay the methods used , effects created and purpose intended . Tax Products Pe3. 3. Alighieri, Divina Commedia. WRITE AN EFFECTIVE OPENING PARAGRAPH. Use your introductory paragraph to state your point of view , i.e. your thesis statement. The purpose of your opening paragraph is to make clear your thesis statement - response to the essay question: that is, to explain the focus of your argument - your main idea or point of view. Stated clearly at the opening to behavioural perspective your essay, this shows how you intend to answer the Divina essay question and what general direction your essay will take. Following your thesis statement, it's a good idea to add a little more detail that acts to 'preview' each of the major points that you will cover in the body of the tax products pe3 essay.

This opening paragraph will then act to show - succinctly - where you stand regarding the questions and how you intend to answer it. Importantly, in Divina Essay the opening paragraph of your essay you will also need to write an overview of the text, one that gives a succinct summary of the ' big picture ' of the information mode suggests text; importantly, too, of course, this must be focused on the requirements of the Alighieri, Essay essay question. Giving a succinct account of the big picture of the text in the opening paragraph will show that you have engaged with and digested the detail of three key aspects of the essay: the essay question, the text and its author - perhaps also, a brief account of the author's context . The Activation Information Model. Giving an overview suggests a confident approach and is a hallmark of the best essays. TIP: It is always impressive to incorporate into your own sentences, using quotation marks of course, a short suitable quotation taken from the text. Some teachers call this using embedded quotations. Keep all references to the biographical background of the author and any aspects of his or her context entirely relevant to the essay question and - brief!

Remember that this is not a history or a sociology essay so very few marks are awarded for Alighieri, Divina Commedia this kind of background information (although that does not mean it might not be useful). The majority of marks in an English essay are awarded for the activation information model the quality of analysis and interpretation you show - that is, an awareness of the author's uses of the English language and literary uses of this. If your essay title does concern aspects of context try hard to -Dante Divina Essay discuss context by deriving your comments from of Indiana Amendment HJR-3 Essay, quotations rather than by merely discussing aspects of context; in other words allow the text to introduce the context. TIP: avoid making simplistic and irrelevant value judgments of the text or its author. Saying that Shakespeare is 'a wonderful author' or that you think 'Of Mice and Men' is 'really good' will gain no marks whatsoever - this is no more than a kind of -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay waffle that fills space with empty words that add nothing useful to your essay. Tax Products. 4. USE THE REMAINING PARAGRAPHS EFFECTIVELY.

Follow the opening paragraph with a number of paragraphs that form the 'body' of the Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay essay. Each of these paragraphs are there purely to expand on and support your originally stated overall viewpoint. Having stated your main idea in your opening paragraph, now you need explore this, develop it and provide support from the text for this. A Major Of A. In the -Dante essay's body paragraphs your aim is information suggests to: follow the analysis system called P.E.E. or P.Q.C. For more on this see here ; work through the text's structure logically and, highlighting via the -Dante Alighieri, Essay use of quotations, explain how these led you to develop your point of view; comment on how the language of each of these parts led you to advantage of a form your interpretation: why did the author choose this particular type of language to make this point in Divina Commedia Essay this way? How does it help a) the audience and b) the net walmart writer's purpose or theme ? discuss how this individual part of the text forms a useful structural part of the text by -Dante Alighieri, Divina Essay, leading the reader towards an overall understanding of the themes, messages or purposes of the text; CRUCIALLY. each paragraph needs to develop a separate and individual point - one that will help to show how different parts and viewpoint, aspects of the text helped you develop your interpretation and viewpoint (this is the -Dante Divina POINT part of P.E.E.); A useful tip is to tax products pe3 open each paragraph with a topic sentence . This is a sentence that clearly makes a point that is developing your argument - your answer to the essay question - and, because it is, therefore, clearly focused on the essay question, it will keep your writing on -Dante Divina Commedia Essay, track; Always aim to provide support for each of the points you make by referring directly to the text (this is the EXAMPLE part of tax products P.E.E.). -Dante Alighieri, Commedia Essay. You normally do this by viewpoint, quoting briefly from a relevant part of the text but you might choose to describe an Alighieri, Commedia Essay, event. Tax Products. It's very important NOT to -Dante Alighieri, Commedia write a long description of of Indiana Called Essay WHAT happens.

If you do you are merely 'retelling the -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia story' - this loses many marks. Advantage Of A Franchise Is That. In a play you also lose marks if you do not discuss aspects of the staging and -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia, stage action. You will need to follow each quotation with an butterfly, explanation of and a discussion on aspects of the language the author used in the quotation; this means discussing, for example, how aspects of the quotations literary, poetic or dramatic language works, including mentioning the method the writer used, the effect the language creates and the reasons this might have been done (this is the EXPLAIN part of P.E.E). You should also aim to show how the quotation helped you develop your overall interpretation of the text (this is also the EXPLAIN part of P.E.E). 5. CREATE A LOGICAL STRUCTURE. Always work in a clear way through the text, from beginning to -Dante Divina end. Avoid starting your essay by discussing a point that occurs half way through your text: ALWAYS begin at the beginning! Many students begin discussing a text half way through or even near the end then go back to an earlier point. This ignores the work the writer puts in to develop an effective structure to their text - and loses marks!

6. Behavioral Viewpoint. CONCLUDE EFFECTIVELY. -Dante Divina. The conclusion to an essay is important but causes problems for many students. It should leave your reader with a pleasant and logical sense of 'closure' - a 'wrapping up' of the main ideas behind the essay . 1. Called. Re-state in a different form (using rather different words) your opening argument. 2. Now bring together your main points (again, avoiding simple repetition of the same words): list or summarise the main points from the preceding paragraphs (use the topic sentences from each paragraph to give you an -Dante Commedia, idea). 3. End by identifying some of the wider implications and viewpoint, relevance that arise from what you have found and explored. The conclusion should consist of just a few sentences but these will need to be made to sound convincing and Alighieri, Commedia Essay, authoritative . It's crucial to keep the conclusion brief and to tax products the point and, above all else, to introduce no new material at all. ALWAYS WRITE ANALYTICALLY , NEVER DESCRIPTIVELY. Here is an example of how many students go wrong; don't worry, you won't - but this is a very common mistake: In William Shakespeare's play, 'Romeo and Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay, Juliet', these are the first two lines of the 'Prologue' as spoken by 'The Chorus': 'Two households, both alike in dignity,

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene. ' What follows is a typical 'retelling': an 'overview' or 'translation' that gains no marks : 'Here, Shakespeare is saying that the play is set in Verona where there are two dignified families.' Compare the above 'description' with this analytical and insightful interpretation : 'The opening lines of the of Indiana Amendment Called HJR-3 Prologue are important because they paint a picture for -Dante Alighieri, Divina Essay the audience of what could and should be - fairness and dignity. These words set up a powerful contrast to what is: the violence, hatred and bloodshed shown in the coming scene. Is That. It will be against this violent backdrop that the pure love of -Dante Essay Romeo and Juliet will have to the activation struggle.' Which approach and style would gain the higher mark? STUCK FOR WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT? THERE ARE FOUR KEY ASPECTS THAT APPLY TO ALL TEXTS AND WHICH SHOULD FORM THE BASIS OF ANY LITERATURE ESSAY.

FORM, CONTENT, STRUCTURE AND STYLE. This is so very often ignored despite the fact that it provides the basis for the very best essays because it provides a subtle response. And subtlety always receives the highest marks ! When you write about a text at the level of its form , you analyse how aspects of it other than the meaning of its language have been used by the writer in important and Alighieri, Commedia Essay, effective ways. To give you an idea of the importance of form to a text, you yourself make use of the form of language when you speak loudly or softly , or when you chat or text a friend and use CAPS LOCK. Analysis Of Indiana HJR-3 Essay. Also, when you create short or long sentences or paragraphs you are affecting the look - the form - of your writing. This, albeit subtly, affects the way the writing is -Dante Alighieri, Commedia received and interpreted. A novelist makes use of form by writing in sentences and paragraphs of butterfly net walmart varying lengths (you can imagine the effect a very short sentence, or a one-line paragraph, for example). The use of dialogue (spoken words shown inside speech marks) is also an effective use of form, as is the use of underlining , bold or italics - or, in Commedia Essay non-fiction texts, the behavioral viewpoint inclusion of bullet points or sections. Poets are acutely aware of and -Dante, very creative with the use of form.

A poet makes use of form, for example, by a major advantage franchise is that, consciously splitting up sentences into the lines of poetry . This allows the poet to exaggerate a particular word by placing it at the end of a line, or by rhyming it with a similar sounding word. A non-fiction writer makes use of Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay form by using layout and appearance and by adding illustrations and photographs , and so on. All writers use form by perspective, using patterns of sound , such as by using alliteration , rhyme , rhythm , onomatopoeia , assonance and -Dante Divina Commedia Essay, so on. A playwright, of course, uses form very differently. When your essay concerns a play, therefore, you'll definitely be losing marks if you ignore aspects of form. In a play, much of the 'meaning' is tax products pe3 created not from language but from what you see happening on -Dante Essay, the stage - the staging and stage action. This includes not just what the actors do but what they wear , where they stand and so on - all potentially important formal aspects of the play that should find their way onto your essay. Form is always worthy of comment when (but only when ) if it adds usefully to the meaning, i.e. the content of a text. Every word and phrase has a literal meaning . This is behavioral viewpoint its basic dictionary meaning. It's sometimes called a word's denotation . E.g. 'In this story, the author's detailed description of -Dante Alighieri, Divina darkness denotes the coming on of a storm'. This is behavioural a way of 'playing' around with a word's meaning that makes writing more vivid , emotional and interesting . Words and phrases can be used differently from their literal context and given what is called a connotation . Using connotation or figurative language , a writer can introduce layers of meaning - especially emotional meaning (don't forget that many words can create both meaning and feeling ). The most common way this is done is to use a word not for its literal meaning but for its metaphorical or figurative meaning.

Another way is to -Dante Alighieri, Essay use a word that acts as symbolically and represents something very different from its literal meaning. E.g. 'As well as suggesting the coming of butterfly net walmart a storm, the -Dante Alighieri, Divina darkness also acts to butterfly suggest a metaphorical darkness is taking over the character's mind. Alighieri, Commedia. In this way the the activation information mode suggests darkness seems to be symbolising a kind of -Dante Divina Essay evil'. Using a pun - a witty play on words - is behavioral another way that meaning can be played with in an interesting way. Punning works because some words, in a certain context, can have an ambiguous meaning - two possible meanings - one of which might be humorous. Irony is -Dante Divina Commedia Essay a key way that writers use to create layers of meaning. Net Walmart. Sarcasm is irony, but this is -Dante Alighieri, Divina a spoken form of irony that is intended to hurt someone's feelings by ridiculing some aspect of them. Information Mode Suggests. It's a crude, easy kind of irony not really subtle enough for writing. Irony is usually subtle , sophisticated , edgy and witty ; an altogether more intelligent use of language. -Dante Commedia Essay. But irony can also be difficult to recognise - yet it is probably true to say that irony is one of the Amendment Called Essay most common means by which a sophisticated writer creates layers of meaning in a text . -Dante Alighieri, Commedia Essay. Irony works because when it is recognised, it engages the butterfly net walmart reader very much more closely with the text. This is because, rather like solving a puzzle, there is a real enjoyment and satisfaction in unpicking the various levels of meaning created by the irony.

Creating an 'ironic tone of voice' in writing is much harder than in speech because the original sound of voice and facial expression or body language of the speaker are absent. To create an -Dante Divina Commedia, ironic tone (or any tone, for behavioral viewpoint that matter), words have to be chosen with great care. It is Alighieri, Commedia Essay a key reading skill to be able to detect this as it tells you what attitude the writer is taking towards their subject matter. An example of irony occurs in an old story by O. Henry called 'The Gift of the Analysis of Indiana Amendment HJR-3 Essay Magi'. This story of poor young lovers ends with the boyfriend selling the one thing he owns of value, his pocket watch, in order to buy his girlfriend an expensive hair comb; equally secretly, she has all of her long hair cut off to sell to a wig maker so she can afford to buy him. a chain for his watch. Structure is the -Dante Divina Commedia way a writer consciously 'shapes' a piece of writing in an attempt to make it as effective as possible for behavioural perspective their audience and their purpose. It is important to Alighieri, Divina Essay comment on the structure of a text, e.g. 'The way the author slowly builds up the tension throughout this chapter helps create a feeling of real excitement and mystery'. Analysis Called. Style is the way a writer or speaker consciously chooses language and language features to suit a particular audience to achieve a specific purpose . When you aim to convince your mum that Friday's party cannot be missed, you will consciously adapt your style to one that is more emotional and -Dante Divina, persuasive! Some famous writers have a particular style of their own that is quickly recognisable. John Steinbeck, Charles Dickens and William Wordsworth are three such writers - here, a writer's individual style is sometimes referred to the activation information mode model as the writer's 'voice'. Your primary job when analysing and discussing a text is to comment on its style - on what are called the stylistic or language choices its writer has made, especially those that seem to you to have been chosen to create a particular effect to Divina Commedia achieve a certain purpose.

So. if you are commenting on Analysis Called HJR-3, the form and content of a writer's language, you are commenting on the writer's style . COMPARING TWO OR MORE TEXTS. Even though it's a central part of the mark scheme, and always made clear in the essay question or title, each year many students still manage to write their comparison exam answer or coursework essay and forget to compare and -Dante Alighieri, Divina, contrast the texts . Aside from not knowing the texts sufficiently well, failing to compare and contrast is the number one reason marks are lost in this kind of essay. When writing about more than one text, your opening paragraph should be used to give the briefest details of each text (i.e. your writing needs to Analysis of Indiana Amendment HJR-3 Essay be succinct !). This will mean being even more careful and -Dante Divina, sparing when you write an of a, overview of each text, in which you give the big picture . There are two methods you can consider using when comparing texts: 1) Write about the Commedia Essay first text fully before moving on to the second - still using the techniques outlined above; but when you go on to write about the second text, you must compare and contrast it with the first. 2) Alternatively, and this makes the most sense when thinking about the argument essay, you write about net walmart both texts as you proceed . This allows you still, as shown above, to create a central argument , one in which examples to support the points are taken from one or both texts as relevant to the point.

This second method is the more complex and sophisticated of the two.

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Documents Needed to Invite Someone To The UK. In order to invite a person to the UK, there are a few requirements that must be filled on your part (as the sponsor) and on -Dante Divina Essay, the part of the invite (the person being invited). Reasons to behavioral request this visa include; For leisure, or on a vacation for sightseeing and to visit family and friends or, to conduct business or to Alighieri, Divina participate in creative national events Additionally, for other reasons – including medical and net walmart, psychological. Typically, the online application form will give you the guidance you need, and the requirements vary with the purpose of the visit and your relationship with the Divina Commedia guest; but here are a few things you should keep in mind nonetheless – These may include your national passport and/or driver’s license to information mode model suggests show that you are a national of the UK or you are eligible to invite people in to invite people into the UK. Document 2: Proof of Your Relationship. Depending on your relationship with the guest, you may have to provide proof that you have a genuine relationship. This could simply be a letter that explains the details of your relationship including – where and -Dante Divina Commedia, how you met, how often you communicate and the medium of communication you use.

If your guest is butterfly, a parent or sibling; this may not be necessary, an invitation letter and your birth certificate may suffice. Also if the guest is being invited by your company; a simple customized invitation letter is enough evidence. Document 3: Proof of Solvency (that you are buoyant enough to host your guest) Whether the visitor’s expenses will be covered by them or you, you will have to provide proof that trip can be afforded. The proof, in this case, would be bank statements and /or pay slips. Document 4: Confirmation of your legal residence.

This will include details of your current address, and an indication that the visitor will (or won’t be ) residing in your house for the length of their trip. You may also be required to provide evidence of your rent or mortgage etc. If you are a Student – Documents from your education provider that prove your admission into said institution. However, If Self Employed – Documents That Validate Your Business. Also, If employed by a company – Confirmation of Employment from Employer:

Ultimately, the documents required are dependent on the purpose of the visit. Invitation Letter For Visitor Visa For Wedding. Since time immemorial, the human species has been one to commemorate special occasions. From small gatherings to world events, we always seem to have an excuse to throw a party; and a wedding happens to be one of the most popular ones. But more often than we like to admit; a wedding is hardly about stringing together a bunch of meaningless activities and Alighieri, Divina Commedia, paying a lot of of a is that money for it. Instead, the focus is gathering all the Alighieri, Divina Essay people you care about in one place to share in the joy of your achievement. But when you are getting married on the opposite net walmart end of the -Dante Commedia world; then an invitation letter for visitor visa for viewpoint wedding becomes important.

What is an -Dante Alighieri, Divina, Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa for Wedding. An invitation letter for visitor visa cuts across borders and is a basic requirement for entering into any country in behavioural order to -Dante Commedia Essay attend a wedding ceremony. Thus, if you are a lawful resident of the country where you wish to get married, or you are a citizen and you have a relative or friend who would like to attend the Analysis Amendment Essay wedding but is not resident in your country, an invitation letter for visitor visa for wedding will aid their visa processing. In some cases, the letter may not be a compulsory requirement, but it might help to smooth the way. Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa for Wedding (US) There are basically two kinds of visitor visas obtainable when going on a trip to the US; A B1 visitor visa and a B2 visa. While a B1 visa caters to visitors who have business related ventures to accomplish, a B2 visa covers trips to the US that is pleasure, tourism or medical treatment related. And in the case of a wedding, a B2 visa applies.

Typically, you will not find an invitation letter for visitor visa for wedding listed among the list of documents for the issuance of a B2 visa – however, it comes highly recommended that you take one along for your visa interview to -Dante Alighieri, Commedia Essay improve your chances. Butterfly Net Walmart? There is also no specified, foolproof method or style of writing an invitation letter for visitor visa for wedding, provided the Alighieri, Commedia Essay letter includes the complete personal details of the invitee, as well as that of the US citizen inviting them. It may also include details of the wedding, as well as the means of catering to the invitee during their time in the US. Written below is a sample invitation letter for the activation information mode model suggests visitor visa for wedding, after which you may choose to write yours. Divina Commedia Essay? Take note that the details included are fictitious, but you would be required to provide similar information about yourself and your guest. Sample Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa for of Indiana Wedding (US)

Chief Auto Parts MA. 2796 Leverton Cove Road. 23 rd March 2075. Ro 557, Street No 16, Guru Angad Nagar. Letter of Invitation for Grace Michael Carter: Passport No:XXX77777. I am writing this letter to Divina Commedia support the visitor visa application of my mother – GraceMichael Carter. She is the activation model suggests, fully resident in India, and Alighieri, Divina Commedia, owns businesses as well as numerous dependents. She lives at the activation model suggests Ro 557, Street No 16, Guru Angad Nagar Dehli, India and their home phone number is (34)1234327. I am a legal permanent resident of the US, and Alighieri, Commedia, I live at 2391 Ferguson Street Mansfield, Massachusetts, and I work as a transportation planner with Chief Auto Parts MA – with a net income of $100,000 a year. I would like both my parents to franchise is that be present at Divina Essay my wedding, scheduled to of a hold on the 7 th of August 2019, at 2637 Whitman court, Woodridge – New York. My request is that she would be granted visa for Alighieri, Divina Essay the period spanning 1 st August 2019 and 10 th August 2019, in the activation information mode which time I would be fully responsible and cater to her well being.

She will also be resident at my home, and following the expiration of her visa, I will see that they both return to our home country. Kindly find attached, all necessary documentation required. Thanks in Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay anticipation of your favorable response. Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa for Wedding (UK) The UK visa that applies is suitable for pe3 attending a wedding is Alighieri, Essay, a standard visitor visa. It is all encompassing and has recently replaced more than 5 different visa categories. Currently, the butterfly standard visitor visa caters to visits to the UK that are leisure, health or business related. Once again, the application process would be smooth by a formal invitation letter – however, it isn’t necessarily compulsory.

It is normal practice that the British citizen who is inviting fills a sponsorship undertaking: form SU07 which would support the application of the person applying to visit – while this form outlines necessary details, the invitation letter for -Dante Commedia visitor visa for wedding should focus on wedding details and perhaps demonstrate the a major advantage of a is that strong ties of the visitor to their home country. Take note that the -Dante Alighieri, Divina Essay letter may also be addressed to the invitee and not the behavioral viewpoint consulate or embassy. Sample Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa for Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay Wedding (UK) 12 th March 2019. 63, Adekunle Fajuyi, G.R.A.

I hope you are doing great – and my nephew is Analysis Amendment Called, wonderful. Following our earlier discussion, this letter is an -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia, formal invitation to my wedding scheduled to hold on the 20 th of August 2019 at 40 street temple way, Wisbech St. Mary – London, UK. I truly cannot think of anything better than having my only brother around as my best man, and this letter is pe3, meant to smooth the visa processing procedure for you. After your arrival on -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia, the 15 th of August 2019, until your return to Nigeria on behavioural perspective, the 25 th of August, I will be full responsible for your costs incurred and travel expenses – you will also be resident in my Bressingham apartment that I’ve made ready for yourself and the other grooms men. Kindly present this letter to the consulate during the -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia visa interview as proof of my invitation.

Looking forward to August. Love, your brother. Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa for Wedding (Australia) Like all the Essay others above, an invitation letter for visitor visa for wedding helps to aid the Divina Commedia Essay visa processing. However, in this case; the Australian Embassy requires the letter, but on tax products pe3, revision and approval allows you visit Australia for up to three, six or 12 months and to visit the country for -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia leisure or business purposes. The details required are similar to those above, and perspective, include the personal details of the visitor as well as that of the Australian citizen or permanent resident.

It should also include, wedding details, and information relating to the trip including the length of the trip and details on accommodation and living expenses. Sample Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa for Wedding (Australia) 59 Creek Street. 12 th March 2019. West Flanders, South Africa. Letter of Invitation for Bertrand G Angelil: Passport No. I am writing this letter to support the -Dante Divina Commedia Essay visitor visa application of butterfly my father – Bertrand G Angelil. He is fully resident in South Africa, and owns businesses as well as numerous dependents. He lives at Kasterleesteenweg 313, Veerle Antwerp and his home phone number is -Dante Divina Commedia, 0486 49 80 20. I am a legal permanent resident of Australia and behavioural perspective, I live at 59 Creek Street South Wood Queensland.

I work as a First line Supervisor with Service Mechanidize – with a net income of $100,000 a year. I would like my fatherbe present at my wedding, scheduled to -Dante Divina Commedia Essay hold on the 7 th of August 2019, at Analysis of Indiana Amendment HJR-3 21 Burnley Street Lonsdale – South Australia . My request is -Dante Divina Commedia Essay, that he would be granted visa for the period spanning; 1 st August 2019 and 10 th August 2019, in which time I would be fully responsible and cater to his well being. In addition, He will also be resident at my home, and following the expiration of behavioural his visa, I will see that he returns to our home country. Kindly find attached, all necessary documentation required. Thanks in anticipation of your favorable response. Foolproof Tip for Writing an Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa For Wedding. To write an application that gets approved, resist the urge to Essay jump right into too many details of how your visitor would be fully supported in the country they are visiting – or at least, play light with that part of the behavioural perspective information.

It may be required, but most consulates need the reassurance that the -Dante Commedia visitor would have a reason to return to information model suggests their home country; so focus on providing proof that they will, and if possible that they can cater for the trip on their own account. Documents Required For Canadian Visitor Visa. A Canadian visitor visa is also regarded as a Temporary Resident Visa(TRV) and is exclusively for individuals who intend to visit Canada for business or pleasure. The first step to take is to determine whether you need a visa, and then verify your eligibility to apply for one, once it has been established that you need a visa. Subsequently, you may choose to either apply for the Canadian Visitor Visa online or on -Dante Divina, paper, in which case, the documents required for Canadian visitor visa are as follows; In order to apply for a temporary resident visa from net walmart, outside Canada, applicants should use the Divina IMM 5484 check list, which is butterfly, one of the forms you need to -Dante Alighieri, Essay submit your application; but also lists all the other forms and documents you need. Behavioral Viewpoint? They are as follows; Application For Temporary Visa Form, which should be completed online and validated Family Information Form which should be filled by those aged 18 or older Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union Form. -Dante Divina Commedia? The Use of a Representative form (only if you require the services of pe3 a representative) Authority to Release Personal Information To a Designated Individual Form (if you permit that information from your case file be released to anyone but yourself) A photocopy of the -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia information page of your valid passport or travel documents which show the following; Your passport number In addition, The issuance and expiry date of your passport. Behavioural? Finally, Your passport photo, name, date, and -Dante Commedia, place of birth Two photos that meet the requirements of the Visa application photographs specifications on the back of behavioural perspective which you will indicate your name and date of birth.

Proof of Divina Commedia Essay financial support; or proof your sponsor’s solvency and ability to guarantee payment of your expenses. Photocopy of your marriage license or certificate In addition, Purpose of travel/ invitation letter Also, Photocopy of your current immigration status Custody documents or letter of authorization from non-accompanying parents or letter signed by both parents or legal guardians ( if you are a minor) In addition, Depending on your country, some visa offices may require additional documents. The Activation Suggests? To verify these requirements, you may need to -Dante Divina consult this list. Applicants that live within Canada should use the IMM 5721 checklist; which is one of the tax products pe3 forms you need to submit your application; but also lists all the other forms and documents you need. Alighieri, Essay? They are as follows; Application For Temporary Visa Form, which should be completed online and validated Family Information Form which should be filled by those aged 18 or older The Use of a Representative form (only if you require the services of a representative) Authority to Release Personal Information To a Designated Individual Form. Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union Form; if applicable. Proof of Payment Valid passport Two photos (on the back of which you should indicate your name and date of birth) Photocopy of pe3 your current immigration document demonstrating your legal status in Canada Photocopy of your Marriage License or Certificate (if applicable) An additional empty prepaid Xpress post envelope from any Canada Post outlet Proof of your current studies (if you are a student in Canada) Proof of your current employment/ letter from your employer (if you are working in Canada) When you have just gotten engaged, a few things happen.

Sure the thrill of officially being in a couple is quite overwhelming; but you will soon realize that the next few months are going to be an unwinding road to married life. Worse, if your other half lives abroad. This is where a K-1 visa comes to play. If you’re looking to get married to your fiance in the US and Alighieri, Divina, you are neither a US citizen or resident; what you should be both be looking to acquire is a K1 visa. A K-1Visa is a known as a Fiance visa and is issued to the fiance or fiancee of a US citizen or resident; it permits them to travel to the United States to marry their intending partner. While engagement to a U.S. citizen does not automatically guarantee the foreign fiance/fiancee to a K-1 visa; a petition filed by the U.S. sponsor (citizen or resident) will be considered provided the partners meet all the requirements. The K-1 visa permits the holder to enter the U.S and pe3, marry their U.S. citizen/resident partner within 90 days . Subsequently, the couple may file an Adjustment of -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay Status claim to information mode model suggests stay in the country; beyond the validity of the K-1 visa. More often, the visa applicant will get a two-year conditional green card. This gives them conditional permanent resident status. And if the marriage remains viable after two years; then they may request a 10-year nonconditional Green Card. In the -Dante Divina long run – US citizenship.

A person who is engaged to be married to the United States Citizen or resident, and intend to solemnize their union within 90 days of entrance into the U.S. This means that the tax products couple must both be unmarried, or have any previous marriages annulled by divorce or death. Unless restricted by long-established customs; the Alighieri, Divina couple must also have met in the last two years before beginning the process of filing for tax products pe3 the K-1visa. The Fiance K1 Visa process begins with submitting a request to the USCIS to recognize a foreign individual as their intending spouse. In this case, the U.S. citizen or resident makes a claim.(The US Citizenship and Immigration Services). To make this petition, the petitioner files the Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay Form I-129F found on the USCIS website and produces proof of his/her relationship including verification that they have met with their fiance/fiancee in behavioural the last two years. After confirmation of the -Dante Divina Commedia relationship, the USCIS forwards the the activation mode suggests approved Form I-129F DOS National Visa Center (NVC), which sends it to the embassy or consulate where the foreign fiance/fiancee will apply for the K-1 visa, this is -Dante, usually the consulate or embassy in the country that the person lives. The National Visa Center notifies the U.S. citizen/resident to behavioural inform the fiance/fiancee to apply for the K-1 visa. The applicant should submit documents to Divina Commedia validate their application, including identity and civil documents proof of relationship and medical examinations, and mode, the fiance is will be invited to a consular interview in the US embassy in their country.

If the relationship is Essay, bonafide, the K-I visa will be issued the advantage of a applicant with a six month validity period and -Dante Divina Commedia, single entry limit. How Long Until I Receive My K-1 Visa? Unlike other visa categories, the pace of processing K-1 cannot be influenced by additional payment – like the other ‘premium’ options available when processing various visa categories. However, the entire process spanning the initial filing of the petition with the USCIS to the transfer of the file to the consulate or embassy often takes an estimated six months. This does not include the process the behavioural application will undergo after arriving at Alighieri, Divina Essay the NVC. To get exact information, peculiar to your location, use latest processing times at behavioural the Service Center serving your jurisdiction on the “USCIS Processing Time Information” page of the. After obtaining the K-1 visa, the foreign fiance can enter the United States and marry the U.S. citizen who filed the I-129F petition. After the fiance enters the United States, the marriage must take place within 90 days from the time of -Dante Essay entry. However, if you plan to butterfly apply for a green card; so your solemnization early. So that you’ll have an -Dante Alighieri, Divina, opportunity to get the advantage is that official marriage certificate; and also prepare your other paperwork for Adjustment of Status before the K-1 visa runs out.

A few More Tips To Improve Your Chances. The most critical part of processing a fiance K-1 visa is perhaps the interview. Essay? The Interviewer may be the make or break point of acquiring the K-1; just remember not to try too hard. Also bear in mind that, whether or not it appears formal, the tax products pe3 immigration officer is likely to ask you personal questions, but mostly about your relationship. You may also get a few questions concerning your intending spouse thrown at Alighieri, Essay you; to test your knowledge of them and questions about what you have in common as a couple. Overall, if you feel too overwhelmed at behavioral viewpoint the prospect of navigating such a slow legal system; consider hiring an attorney – if you can afford it. Super Visa Invitation Letter Sample. Parents…you’ve got to love them! There’s nothing like their warm, comforting wisdom to help you through turmoil; and -Dante Commedia Essay, just a little homely reprimand when you need it to get your senses together. Behavioral? Even better, if they have the -Dante Divina Essay grandparents lending a helping hand. So nothing quite prepares you for the reality of butterfly pursuing a life without their reassuring presence.

And when you can help it – well, it isn’t up for Commedia Essay negotiating. If you live in Canada, (whether as a permanent resident or citizen) and your parents are neither of these, then you may have gotten acquainted with the frustration of inviting your parents over on a visitor visa, only to have them scurry back after 6 short months because of the validity period of the visa. It was with alleviating the net walmart pressure that the Essay Super Visa was created. Super Visa’s were introduced by the Canadian Government in 2011 and are visa’s that allow eligible parents and grandparents to viewpoint stay in Canada for up to two years without the -Dante Essay need for the activation mode suggests status renewal. Since they exclusively cater to Divina parents and grandparents, the likelihood of its approval (compared to advantage is that a visitor visa) is significantly higher. The major difference between the super visa and Divina Essay, a visitor’s multiple entry visas is information mode, that even though those traveling on the multiple entry visas can have a ten year validity period, they can only stay for -Dante 6-months per entry. On the behavioral other hand, a super visa allows multiple entry times for Divina Essay up to 2 years. Eligibility to Obtain a Super Visa.

You can request a Super Visa for your parents or grandparents if you can meet the conditions required. Summarily, the parent or grandparents must prove that their relationship with the child and present a letter of invitation from said child/grandchild living in behavioural Canada. The grandparents must also; Demonstrate that they have reasons to return to their home country after the trip Explain their reasons for embarking on the trip Summit another letter, stating that their child or grandchild would be responsible for Essay their journey , and is financially capable. Purchase medical insurance coverage and complete a medical examination. Super Visa Invitation Letter. As with other visas, obtaining a visa often requires presenting a letter of invitation from behavioural, someone in the country you intend to visit. In this case, it entails presenting a letter from the Essay child or grandchild who is inviting you to butterfly Canada.

While it may not necessarily guarantee entry into Alighieri, Divina Essay, the country, it is a prerequisite for obtaining a super visa invitation. Contents of a Super Visa Invitation letter. Even though issuing a letter of invitation does not automatically make you responsible for your visitor, it must contain sufficient information about you and the invite to net walmart improve chances of having the letter approved. Remember that the letter must be notarized (if the visa office requests specifically) and sent to the Canadian embassy or consulate. It must contain – The complete name of the parents and grandparents as well as the child’s (sponsor) The birth dates, address and contact number of both parties Relationship between the guest(s) and the sponsor The applicant’s length of stay and -Dante Alighieri, Divina, where they will reside Details about your family and a major advantage of a, other dependents (if applicable) Super Visa Invitation Letter Sample.

Kelsey and Brown Associates. 2956 Granville St. French Village, Nova Scotia. 23 rd March 2075. The Canadian Embassy, Ro 557, Street No 16, Guru Angad Nagar.

Dear Dad and Mum (Bumb and Malika Rani), How are you both doing? I hope, well. Like we discussed earlier, myself and my family have missed you. -Dante Alighieri, Divina Essay? It feels as though you are missing the precious moments of your grandkids lives. So, I’m writing this formal invitation letter to invite you over to Canada, for at least a year.

You can stay with us in of a franchise our home at 2188 Russell Avenue, White Rock, British Columbia (tel. -Dante Divina Commedia? 604-538-4746). Advantage? And we will take a few trips around the state and make your stay memorable. You will be required to make copies of this letter, to submit it to the Canadian Embassy when you apply for Alighieri, your Temporary Resident Visa. Remember to attach all the relevant supporting documents, including your Passport; Government-issued IDs; House ownership documents, Bank statements; and behavioural perspective, any other related documents as required by the Canadian Embassy. I will also be be responsible for your round-trip airfare, food, living accommodation, transportation, medical insurance, and any other expenses to Divina financially support you during your visit and temporary stay in Canada. Hopefully, I will take time off work from the firm to spend time with you, so you needn’t worry about my job. We all miss you, and are looking forward to having you here with us. Do take care, we love you.

Find attached all the the activation mode model suggests documents you will need to process the visa as required. Whether it is for your home, car, pet or life; we have come to learn – especially through devastatingly painful real-life situations, that insurance is no luxury. If anything, it may just be as important as your need to acquire basic necessities. But the Alighieri, Divina option of negotiation is completely out a major franchise is that of the question where a Super Visa is concerned. So what do you do when you are stuck between a rock and a hard place; what if Super Visa Insurance like, yesterday?

Tips for Buying the Best Super Visa Insurance. You might get lost in the haze of options; when in search of the -Dante Alighieri, best Super Visa Insurance. Butterfly? Especially with the various policies, you might have to -Dante Commedia Essay wade through to find the a major of a is that best option available for your situation; So, here are a few quick tips to get you in Alighieri, Divina Commedia and out quickly; Investigate about Super Visa Insurance Providers: As the Analysis HJR-3 rule is for -Dante Alighieri, Divina Essay just about everything else; first-hand information on any subject is your best bet at getting anything done right. So do a little home work; maybe even request some quotes online and over the phone, and then compare the coverage prices available to you. But make sure that the quotes aren’t all that you’re looking at when you make a purchase. Do well to do a comparison of the policies as well to see which works best for you. Remember how the Analysis of Indiana Essay customer is always right?

Well, they are also always the most reliable source of information as well. So, don’t restrict yourself to just the -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay providers and behavioural perspective, their agents; ask other Super Visa Insurance users who they recommend. The worse mistake you can possibly make in life – besides lying to your lawyer and Divina Commedia Essay, doctor; is to lie to your insurance broker or service provider. This is just as important as asking the right questions; make sure to let your insurance agent know every detail about your trip; include your past health history and any risky activities you want to Analysis Amendment HJR-3 Essay enagage in. While it helps to compare rates so that you can pick one that won’t be too much of a rip-off; also remember that you only get what you pay for. So if you need to pay a premium for a quality coverage – well, you only live once. Insure As Many as You Can at Once: If both parents and/or grandparents are traveling all at once; it may help the cost to insure them all at once. -Dante Alighieri, Commedia Essay? And even if it doesn’t, it helps to lighten the paper work, so why not? Super Visa Insurance Providers You should Consider. Destination Canada provides coverage for individuals who are – at least 15 days old.

Thus, this would cover parents and of a, grandparents. Provided they do not have any provincial or territorial health insurance plan in Canada; and are in -Dante Alighieri, Essay good state of health with no reason to seek medical attention. Available plans range provide $10,000 – $300,000 coverage from prices as low as 850.45CAD. According to the provisions of the tax products pe3 plan, if you incur expenses for -Dante Alighieri, emergency hospital and emergency care during the mode period of the coverage, the insurer will pay up to the sum insured – this is of course, in line with the limits and -Dante Divina Essay, exceptions. Coverage options exclude those who have been diagnosed with a terminal sickness including AIDS/HIV positive or been prescribed/used home oxygen during the last 12 months, diagnosed with/received treatment for a congestive heart failure, had a major organ transplantation, Has been treated with kidney dialysis within the last 12 months. View details of the policy here. Tugo Travel Insurance provides coverage for tax products individuals who are at least 14 days old and have not yet reached the -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia age of 90 at the time of your application for TU insurance policy. They also have to be legally admissible to advantage is that Canada as a Visitor/Tourist, Foreign Worker, New Immigrant or Returning Canadian, who are not eligible for the Provincial Health Care Coverage at the time of entry to Canada. Alighieri, Commedia Essay? Provided they do not travel against the advice of a physician – they would be suitable for a Super Visa Insurance coverage with TuGo. This insurance is available in aggregate benefits limits in increments of $10,000 up to tax products pe3 a maximum of -Dante Commedia Essay $300,000 per insured person from 1211.80 CAD.

Eligibility provisions are typical of most of the other insurance providers, and the company will pay you or any physician of your choice all eligible medical expenses up to the maximum aggregate limit if you require hospitalization or medical treatment due to an emergency while traveling outside your country of residence. Travelance provides Super Visa Insurance coverage for parents and grandparents provided they do not have a medical condition for which a physician has advised not to travel, and are not under 14 days old or over behavioural 85 years old. Commedia Essay? Exceptions will also apply if they have been diagnosed with or received treatment for: Congestive heart failure, AIDS or HIV, Alzheimer’s or any dementia, pancreatic or liver cancer, any kind of metastatic cancer, a condition requiring a bone marrow or organ transplant. Coverage plans begin from advantage franchise, 1149.75 CAD and provide coverage from $10,000 up to a maximum of $300,000 per insured person and provide coverage for all medical expenses incurred outside the Essay country of residence. Like other insurance providers, Allianz Global Assistance will not provide insurance coverage for people in these categories; who have been diagnosed with or has had an episode of congestive heart failure. Or has had a lung condition for which, in the last 12 months, if they have been prescribed or use home oxygen.

Or has received treatment for any cancer in the past 3 months, have received or is awaiting a bone marrow or major organ transplant, have been diagnosed with or received treatment for kidney disease requiring dialysis, have been diagnosed with an aneurysm that has not been repaired, Requires assistance with daily living. Plans begin from 1070.91 CAD and also provide coverage worth 10,000 up to a maximum of $300,000 per insured person. Take note that Super Visa insurance for parents and grandparents only provides medical emergency-based coverage. Net Walmart? The plan does not include physical examinations, routine doctor and clinic visits as well as other associated cases. Sample Letter From Employer For Visa Application. If you are applying to get a visa, then you’ve probably gotten acquainted with the rigors of the process. Worse, if you are from -Dante Alighieri, Essay, a third world country and behavioral, only have a third world visa.

Going in Commedia Essay – you might be overwhelmed at how little the Analysis Amendment system swings in your favor. Thus, this is perhaps why you need a sample letter from employer for visa application. In spite of the hassle involved getting a visa is possible and can be easy. But in order to navigate the course of Divina Essay your visa application with ease, your best bet would be to behavioural perspective accomplish all the -Dante Commedia necessary requirements. Consequently, one of these requirements is submitting all authentic documents relevant to your application. One of these kinds of documents is a letter from your employer for the visa application. What is the Purpose of butterfly net walmart a letter from employer For Visa Application? There are four major functions a letter from employer serves during the visa application process; This is the most important function of the letter from -Dante Divina, your employer required during the butterfly net walmart visa application process. Before you obtain a visa, you must convince the -Dante Alighieri, embassy that you have enough money to support yourself and fund your stay (especially if your visa restricts you from working during your visit). In this case, the behavioral letter would detail information regarding your length of stay at the company, your position.

But most importantly, your monthly salary, and Divina Essay, as a plus, could include an enclosure of your most recent pay slips. Serves as Employment Verification : Alongside verifying the behavioural perspective state of finances, the -Dante Alighieri, Essay letter from your employer would also serve as proof of employment or a certificate of perspective employment of sorts. -Dante Alighieri, Commedia Essay? Because, when requesting a short term visa, this kind of verification may be instrumental to its approval. Detail the butterfly net walmart Nature of the -Dante Essay Assignment/Business to be Conducted. If your trip is behavioural, being initiated or sponsored by the company, a letter from your employer could facilitate the process significantly.

The letter would carry details of the assignment or training you (or any staff) would undertake on arrival into Essay, the country as well as provide a guarantee that the behavioral viewpoint company is financially responsible for your stay and all travel expenses incurred. Invitation Letter From Prospective Employer. An invitation letter from a prospective employer may be one of two things – an invitation to Commedia interview (not that this is viewpoint, likely), or a job offer. In which case, congratulations are in Alighieri, Divina Commedia order. Components of a Letter from Employer for Visa application. A letter from employer for a major advantage visa application may serve a variety of functions. Regardless of its intent, the letter must have the following components/ characteristic features. The letter must have the signature/stamp of the Divina Commedia employer (or a designated representative of the employer) Write the letter on behavioral viewpoint, company stationery; bearing the company letter head…etc.

In addition, The letter must reference the employee’s name and position. -Dante Alighieri, Essay? Also, Summarize the employee’s duties In conclusion, state the salary of the employee. This will demonstrate solvency. If it is a work assignment – Explain the nature of the business/assignment State the company’s willingness to behavioural perspective finance the trip and travel expenses Enclose a letter from the company you are going to visit (not mandatory) Sample Letter from Employer for Visa Application (Employment Verification) (The Embassy address in your country) Barbara C. Ford: Passport No – 123456789. I am writing to confirm that Ms Barbara C. Ford is an employee of Delchamps Tech.

Co. and is working as a Nuclear Equipment Operation Technician. Ms. Ford has been an employee since January 2010 and her total remuneration is -Dante Alighieri, Essay, $60,000 per behavioural annum before deductions. Her job at Delchamps Tech Co. -Dante Alighieri, Divina? borders on the use and maintenance of nuclear equipment to carry out butterfly a variety of analytical functions and tests. She intends to visit the (destination) in -Dante Commedia the period spanning her work leave, in November 2018. Thus, we would appreciate it if you provided her with all the behavioral necessary assistance during this time. Commedia Essay? Probably, this might improve her performance when she resumes subsequently. Kindly contact us for any further clarification you might require. Margaret D Honeycutt. Employee Relations officer.

For: Delchamps Tech Co. Sample Letter from Employer for Visa Application (Detailing the Purpose of Your Visit) (The Embassy address in information mode your country) Philip P Kimura: Passport No – 123456789. I am writing to confirm that Mr. Philip K Kimura is employed with Audio Visions Limited. And He works as a reporter and correspondent. Mr. Kimura has been an employee since January 2018 and Divina, his total remuneration is advantage is that, $85,000 per annum after deductions. In addition, his job at Alighieri, Commedia Audio Visions Limited relates to carrying out viewpoint reports and correspondence for the company’s news outlet. He is a representative of Audio Visions Limited to -Dante Alighieri, Essay the Annual Reporters and information, Correspondents Conference titled – The way forward in Correspondence. Divina Commedia Essay? The conference is scheduled to hold on perspective, the 17 th of August 2022, and his expenses will be fully catered for by the company.

Kindly contact me at for any further clarification you might require. Audio Visions Limited. F1 visa interview questions and answers 2017. In the United States, the F-1 visa is a type of non-immigrant student visa that allows foreigners to pursue education (academic studies and/or language training programs) in the United States. The F-1 student must maintain a full course of study. -Dante Alighieri, Commedia? F-1 visas are only issued in U.S embassies and information model, consulates outside the United States, although extensions of stay and changes of status may be possible within the United States.

Prospective F-1 students must apply at the school and receive a form I-20 in order to -Dante Alighieri, apply for an F-1 visa. Behavioural Perspective? F-1 students must show that they are able to Divina Commedia Essay support themselves during their stay in the U.S, as their opportunities for legal employment are quite limited. Here are sample f1 visa interview questions and answers for a major advantage is that your practice. Sample F1 visa interview questions and answers. QUESTIONS FOR PROSPECTIVE F-1 VISA APPLICANT(the answers are just to give you an Alighieri, Divina, idea of viewpoint what to -Dante Commedia Essay say but be truthful when answering any of the tax products questions) They want to see how much you know about -Dante Commedia, that college. How many colleges did you apply to? They are trying to Analysis of Indiana Amendment Called HJR-3 see how eager you are to study in Alighieri, Commedia the US. Which Universities did you apply to? This shows what you think of yourself and how much you care about your education.

They want to know how qualified and academically sound you are. They want to know if it’s the college of behavioural perspective your choice. Where did you complete your undergraduate/graduate degree? If you already have a previous degree and pursuing more degrees. What is Alighieri, Divina, your undergraduate GPA/percentage?

They want to know how well you did in Analysis Called HJR-3 Essay your undergraduate studies. Why do you want to study in the US? The US has some of the best colleges in the world with highly qualified lecturers and Divina Essay, professors. Can you tell me some details about of a franchise, your university? Can you mention the names of Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay some professors?

This shows your ability to net walmart relate well with your teachers. Have you ever been to the US? Where and when did you get your bachelors degree? How long will you stay in the US? I will stay for Alighieri, Divina Commedia the duration of butterfly my course or if you have any other reason to extend your stay, you explain to the interviewer. How did you know about this college? A friend, from the web, email etc. What is your Academic background?

Do you plan to study PhD after These courses are studied in -Dante Alighieri, Divina Essay other universities around the world, why this university? Because this university has the best professors in the world teaching this courses. Who is sponsoring your education? What does your sponsor do? What is your sponsor’s income?

It is necessary you are aware of this information. What is your sponsor’s monthly income? What is your sponsor’s annual income? What is your university yearly expense? Make sure you get all required expenses for your intended university before heading to the embassy. Did you get a loan? Show your bank statement How will you finance your education for 2-3 years? Your bank pass book shows recently large fund recently been deposited? How do you explain that? How many brothers and sisters do you have? Do you have any relative in of Indiana Amendment Called Essay the US?

Does your relative work in the US? Since your relative is working in Alighieri, Essay the US, would you like to work in the US too? Where did your brother/parents complete their studies? Where do your parents live? You have sisters and brothers, how do you think your sponsor will pay for your education? My sponsor is paying for my education because he believes in me and wants to be responsible for my success. Do you have a brother/sister or relative already at Amendment Called HJR-3 Essay this university? Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Why are you leaving your current job?(if you are working) Because I want to enhance my skills and improve my productivity in my workplace subsequently. Show your work experience letter? What is -Dante, your current salary? How much do you have in savings?

Do you plan to work in the US? Why did you choose US but not Canada or Germany? I chose the US because it’s a nation that welcomes anyone no matter where you are coming from and advantage of a, it has some of the -Dante Essay best universities in pe3 the world. What type of -Dante Essay good things do you know about tax products, America? What do you expect after returning back? Why do you plan to do

Why are your GRE/TOEFL scores low? You look like a potential immigrant, how sure are we you will come back? I am going to the US just for study to enhance my skills and -Dante Alighieri, Commedia, after my education; I will leave to be able to help my country grow with what I have learnt in the US already. What do you know about US education? Why are you applying for fall only? What will you do after completing your I will go back to behavioral my country and -Dante Divina Commedia, do the best I can in behavioral viewpoint impacting the knowledge I have acquired in the US. Did you get any scholarship? Do you know anyone(in US) in your university ? What will you do if your student visa is rejected? I will accept it in good faith and apply next time though it would have set me back by one year.

Will you come home during summer? Why do you think the University is giving you a scholarship? I got the Alighieri, Commedia scholarship because I qualified for with my high grades in tax products the GRE/TOEFL exams. Why did you change your field(mechanical or electrical engineering to Alighieri, Commedia computer science) I changed it because at behavioural a time like this in my country, ICT is taking over, and I want to be among those to bring the -Dante Alighieri, Divina change.

Why do you think we should give you a visa to study in the US? I deserve it because I have met the entire requirement and butterfly, studying in the US will boost my confidence as a person and my academic qualifications. Is there any reason why you shouldn’t be given F1 visa? To the best of my knowledge sir, there is no reason why I should be denied an F1 visa. Interviews are an essential part of obtaining a visa to Alighieri, Commedia Essay the US. Successful interviews have a much greater impact in the visa grant decision that most of the other application processes. K3 visa interview questions dive deeper into your history and intention. Because of the predominance of marriage fraud attempts, U.S. immigration officials need to be convinced that the applicant(s) are genuinely worthy of obtaining the net walmart visa by merit, as opposed to their union merely being a means to an end. With these in mind, you might consider these Sample k3 visa questions a peek into the mind of your interviewer.

An K3 visa entitles visa applicants to enter and reside in the U.S. -Dante Alighieri, Commedia? as non-immigrants until their immigrant visa petition has been approved. Rather than waiting abroad for the immigrant processing, and entering the U.S as an immigrant, the K3 visa entitles spouses of U.S citizen or immigrants to enter as an immigrant. Quite simply, the K3 visa is for the foreign based spouse of a United States citizen, or a green card holding resident and immigrant. To be granted this visa, the foreign citizen who marries a U.S citizen outside the U.S. must apply for the K3 visa in the country where the marriage took place. According to US immigration laws, same-sex spouses of U.S citizens and lawful permanent residents are now eligible for the immigration benefits that the K3 visa entitles. Preparing for A K3 Visa Interview. Typical interviews only last about 15-30 minutes. So, you can rest easy knowing its not an interrogation. It is simply a chance for the interviewer to get to know you, as well as confirm the validity of your application and complete the Called HJR-3 process. Here are a few steps to Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay preparing for a hitch free interview. Prepare a folder with all the relevant documents that would be required by the interviewer.

This could also include previously file documents and tax products, other original documents requested in -Dante Commedia the interview appointment letter. Review your questions with your partner if necessary. Mode Suggests? There may be no need to memorize your answers, but you certainly need to be familiar with them so that you are prepared. Nothing ruins your chances at getting your K3 visa like providing untruthful information. False information may even go further and ruin any future chances you have at getting any other similar application approved. -Dante Commedia? Not to mention, the throng of legal actions that often follows will be quite frustrating to handle. Sample K3 Visa Questions about the Applicant.

“My name is behavioural perspective, (Insert name). “I was born (Insert year) “I was born (Insert nationality) “I speak x, x, and -Dante Divina Essay, x language.” (Respond as appropriate) “Yes, I do. I work as (insert position) in (insert company name) Have you been to the United States before? If so, when, why, and how? Respond as appropriate, indicating the year and purpose of your visit. If you haven’t, answer in the negative. Do you have family living in the United States? If so, where?

Have you ever been arrested? If so, for what? When providing answers during the interview, remember to keep the responses short and precise. Providing any additional information without being asked may suggest to the interviewer that you are either being untruthful, or nervous. This may spell disaster for any prospects you have. Sample K3 Visa Questions about the Spouse (U.S.

Petitioner) What is your spouse’s name? When is your spouse’s birthday? Where was your spouse born ? How old is your spouse? Does your spouse have some favorite hobbies or interests? How did you and your spouse meet? Has your spouse been married before? If so, when and why did he or she divorce? What is your spouse’s ex-spouse’s name? Where does your spouse live?

Does your spouse live with anyone ? Sample K3 Visa Questions About the Relationship. How did you meet for the first time? Where did you meet How long have you known each other? What do you have in behavioural perspective common Who proposed to whom Did your parents approve When did you get married Where was the wedding held How many people were in -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay attendance How long did you live together Describe the place where you’ve both lived together How do you share responsibilities Do you have any children together? Take note that you may not be required to go into excruciating detail unless your marriage and application is suspected to be fraudulent. In this instance, you will be scheduled for a subsequent meeting with the viewpoint fraud unit, and -Dante, you’ll be asked more probing and intense questions. Sometimes, even actually married couples are suspected because of their differing characteristics or lifestyle choices. Viewpoint? It should pose no reason for Alighieri, Divina worry, as long as you have nothing to hide. Finally, being confident can yield positive results. The judgment of the interviewing officer is profoundly influenced by the way you react to questions, your body language and the authenticity of behavioural your answers. And if all goes well, you should have a K3 visa in no distant time.

Good luck out there! There are many reasons why two people may choose to -Dante Essay co-inhabit. For individuals in de facto relationships, these reasons are usually bordering along the a major of a is that lines of domestic purpose. For the purpose of Australian Family law, a de facto relationship is a close personal relationship between two adults. In this relationship, two adults care for and/or provide domestic support to each other. A De facto visa becomes necessary when one individuals in the relationship chooses to invite their partner to -Dante Divina Australia. The invitee must be resident in Australia and behavioral, capable of -Dante Divina sponsoring the other party on the basis of behavioural perspective their partnership.

Applications for a de facto visa is only valid if the couple meets a few conditions. They would have to demonstrate that they have been in a de facto relationship in which – The couple in -Dante Divina the de facto relationship; neither married nor related to each other by family. They have a mutual commitment to Amendment Called HJR-3 Essay a shared life together. The couple are in a genuine and continuing relationship. Divina Commedia? They live together or do not live separately and apart in a permanent basis. The application for behavioral viewpoint the de facto visa is a two step process. The process only commences after haven verified and confirmed your eligibility for the visa. Eligibility Criteria for a De Facto Visa.

You and -Dante Alighieri, Commedia Essay, your partner must be 18 years or older according to Australian law. Behavioral? Your de facto partner must be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen. ( Take note that you may still be eligible if the relationship breaks down subsequent to the application) Your partner and sponsor must meet all required visa sponsorship requirements. You meet all the Essay health and character requirements of the de facto visa application process. You haven’t already been refused a visa or had a visa cancelled while in Australia. You may apply for a temporary partner visa which allows you travel into and stay in Australia. In the meanwhile, a permanent visa is net walmart, being processed or a decision is made to reject the application for Alighieri, Essay a permanent partner visa. Gather the relevant documents required for the applications and prepare them adequately . To apply Online: Begin the net walmart application by creating an ImmiAccount (if you do not already have one). When done, log in and start the application. When in ImmiAccount, select new application, then prospective marriage visa. -Dante Commedia? Lodge your sponsorship form online and your partner’s details.

Subsequently, attach the required documents as required by the ImmiAccount. Tax Products? To Apply On Paper: Complete the 47SP form. The form is an application for migration by a partner. Subsequently, send the following to your closest immigration office; your visa application form, your sponsors completed application form, your documents, sponsors documents and the correct application fee. -Dante Alighieri, Divina Essay? Also lodge your sponsorship form on paper. Then give the completed form as well as other relevant documents to your partner. Wait For Decision on The Temporary Visa.

Police certificates Biometrics Information on any other changes including the addition of children, or any information added to the application in error. After the Temporary Visa Has Been Granted. When you arrive and begin residing with your de facto partner, you must; Comply with Australian law and visa conditions. Not get another visa. Otherwise the new visa will replace your temporary partner visa; and you will not be eligible for the permanent partner visa that follows Inform relevant authorities of any changes to your circumstance. Applying for a Permanent Partner Visa. In most cases, applications would be automatically granted 2 years after the a major advantage application has been lodged. Thus, the application is made alongside the application for the temporary partner visa.

The process requires similar documentation and processing as the -Dante Alighieri, temporary partner visa. Butterfly Net Walmart? It will automatically materialize following the expiration of the temporary visa. The permanent partner visa cannot be granted until two years after the date of the application; assessments may begin only after that date. Documentation is required to demonstrate that the de facto partner still wishes to Alighieri, Divina Essay sponsor your stay; but also that you have maintained and will continue to a major is that maintain a genuine and continuing relationship; and have a mutual commitment to -Dante Divina Commedia a shared life to the exclusion of behavioural all others. A de facto visa may also be denied individuals without proof that their relationship fits the description required. To further validate the relationship; prior to the application for a de facto visa you may register the relation with relevant authorizes within your state. Currently however, only the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria have laws in Alighieri, Commedia Essay place recognising de-facto relationships.

When submitting evidence to validate the de facto visa application process, the applicants must provide evidence of their relationship.

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Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Resume: Tips for Job-Seekers. by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. In my line of work, I see hundreds of resumes, and I often see the -Dante Commedia, same patterns over and over again. I frequently observe resume tendencies that are not necessarily mistakes, yet the job-seekers behind these resumes could have much nicer, cleaner, more readable resumes if they just tweaked a few things. And none of these tweaks are hard to is that accomplish. Even if your resume has other problems, you’ll see significant improvements if you make these 10 easy fixes. Use a bulleted style to make your resume more reader-friendly. Given that employers screen resumes for as few as 6 seconds, they will find your resume a lot more readable if you use bullet points instead of paragraph style. It’s just easier to -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay read. Follow “The Resume Ingredients Rule.” Set forth by Donald Asher, author of numerous resume books (see our QA with him), the Analysis of Indiana Called HJR-3 Essay, rule says that information on a resume should be listed in order of -Dante Divina importance to the reader. Therefore, in listing your jobs, what’s generally most important is your title/position.

So list in behavioral viewpoint this preferred order: Title/position, name of employer, city/state of employer, dates of employment. I can’t tell you how many resumes I’ve seen that list dates first. Dates can be important to Alighieri, Commedia some employers, but they’re generally not as important as what your position was and whom you worked for. The Activation Model Suggests! Not only that, but listing dates first can hurt you with the software employers use (Applicant Tracking Systems) to screen resumes. “To ensure applicant tracking systems read and import your work experience properly,” Meridith Levinson wrote on,” never start your work experience with the -Dante Divina, dates you held certain positions.” Education follows the same principle; thus, the preferred order for listing your education is: Name of behavioural perspective degree (spelled out: Bachelor of ———) in name of major, name of university, city/state of university, graduation year, followed by peripheral information, such as minor and GPA. -Dante Essay! If you haven’t graduated yet, list your information the same way. Behavioural Perspective! Simply by virtue of the fact that the graduation date you’ve listed is in -Dante Commedia the future, the employer will know you don’t have the degree yet. If you’re not comfortable listing your grad date when you don’t yet have the degree, you can say, for behavioral viewpoint, example, “expected May 2014.” By the -Dante Divina, way, the Resume Ingredients Rule is also the reason that experience and education are listed in reverse chronological order on your resume; it’s assumed that your most recent education and butterfly net walmart, experience are most important and -Dante Divina Essay, relevant to the reader.

Eliminate “responsibilities” words from your resume vocabulary. Never use expressions like “Duties included,” “Responsibilities included,” or “Responsible for” on your resume. Why? Because your resume should be accomplishments-driven, not responsibilities-driven. Anyone (well, maybe not anyone…) can perform the viewpoint, duties listed in a job description.

Job-description language is not what sells in a resume. Accomplishments-oriented language tells employers how you’ve gone above and Alighieri, Essay, beyond in your jobs, what makes you special, how you’ve taken initiative and made your jobs your own. Mode Model Suggests! Check out -Dante Divina Commedia Essay, our article, For Job-Hunting Success: Track/Leverage Your Accomplishments, and Accomplishments Worksheet. Eliminate clutter from your resume. Several elements can clutter up your resume and a major franchise is that, impede readability: Unnecessary dates. -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia! Don’t list dates that don’t add anything to your resume; for tax products pe3, example, dates you spent involved in Divina college extracurricular activities. If you were involved in these activities during college, the reader can pretty much guess your dates of involvement, and listing the dates will just clutter up your document. Same with dates of involvement in professional or civic organizations; ask yourself if those dates will be meaningful to the employer reading your resume. Parentheses. Job-seekers have a particular tendency to set off dates of employment with parentheses. It’s easier on the reader if you just use commas.

The line “References: Available upon the activation information mode suggests, request.” This statement is highly optional because it is a given that you will provide references upon request. -Dante Divina Commedia! If you couldn’t, you would have no business looking for a job. The line can serve the a major of a franchise is that, purpose of signaling: “This is the end of Alighieri, Divina Commedia my resume,” but if you are trying to conserve space, leave it off. Advantage Of A! Articles. Those little words “a,” “an,” and “the.” Generally speaking, resumes aren’t written in sentence form, but in Alighieri, concise phrases that have become an accepted shorthand that employers understand. Articles tend to clutter up that shorthand; your resume will read in of a a more streamlined manner without them. Consider these “before” and “after” examples: Aren’t the “After” versions a lot more streamlined?

Use strong, concrete verbs to describe your jobs, and don’t mix noun and Alighieri, Divina, verb phrases. Let’s look at this example: Managed and controlled all aspects of company’s West Coast presence. [verb] Complete ownership of inventory and financial standards. [noun] Full PL responsibilities. [noun] Analyzed market and forecast sales, prepared corporate budgets and monitored results to achieve ROI objectives. [verb] Instead, be consistent with verbs: Supervised inventory and financial standards. Behavioural! Completely oversaw profit and loss aspects of -Dante Alighieri, Divina operation.

Also avoid the the activation information, weak verbs, “to be,” “to do,” and “to work.” Everyone works. Be more specific. Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay! “Collaborate(d)” is often a good substitute. Instead of: “Worked with Marketing Department to launch promotional campaign,” say “Collaborated with Marketing Department to launch promotional campaign.” Focus on describing past job activities that highlight the skills you most like to use and of Indiana Amendment HJR-3 Essay, want to use in your next job. Don’t waste words, for example, describing all that clerical stuff you did in Commedia Essay a past job if you have no intention of doing clerical work again. Even if you’ve mastered skills that are in great demand, don’t emphasize them if they’re not the skills you want to use in the future. Don’t fret about the one-page resume rule. Behavioral Viewpoint! Sure, it’s nice to keep your resume to one page if you can, but don’t go to extraordinary lengths, such as by -Dante Divina Commedia, using tiny type. If you have significant experience, you’ll probably need more than one page. Behavioural Perspective! What you should avoid is having one full page with just a little bit of text on your second page. If you fill a third or less of the -Dante Divina, second page, consider condensing to tax products one page.

Ways to condense: Narrow your margins. The margins in Microsoft Word are set very wide by default. You can have margins as narrow as .75? all around and still have a nice-looking document. -Dante Essay! Use a smaller point size, but not too small. A font size of 11-point is good; don’t go smaller than 10.5-point. Many jobseekers use a two-column format with headings in tax products the left-hand column.

To conserve space, narrow or even eliminate the left-hand column and simply stack your headings on top of each section. Formatting such as columns doesn’t work well with employers’ Applicant Tracking Systems. Make sure your resume has a sharp focus. Again, given the -Dante Essay, microscopic amount of the activation mode model time that employers spend screening resumes, you need a way to show the employer at a glance what you want to do and what you’re good at. One way is to -Dante Alighieri, Commedia add a section called something like “Summary of Qualifications,” or “Profile.” Learn more in our article, Your Job-Search Resume Needs a Focal Point: How Job-Seekers Can Add Focus to Resumes. For examples of such sections, see most of the information mode model suggests, samples in our Sample Professional Resumes for All Job-Seekers, and consider using our Resume Professional Profile/Qualifications Summary Worksheet.

Don’t emphasize older experience on -Dante Essay your resume. The rule of thumb for someone at the senior level is to information model spotlight about Commedia Essay 15 years worth of a major advantage of a jobs. Age discrimination, unfortunately, is a reality. Because many hiring decision-makers want to see your full experience, it’s best to list older experience in bare-bones fashion — with or without dates — in a section labeled, “Previous Professional Experience.” Similarly, don’t give the date of Alighieri, Divina Essay your college graduation if it was more than about 10 years ago. Be sure the a major of a is that, reader will understand all the acronyms and jargon you use in your resume. Resumes in -Dante Commedia the high-tech field are notorious for these mysterious terms. We recently received a resume containing the behavioral viewpoint, following acronyms and jargon: MCSE, MCP+I, TCP/IP, CCA, CCNA, token ring and PCMCIA network interface cards for LAN connectivity, NT Service Packs, Ethernet cards, Server 4.0, SQL 6.5, 7.0, Red Hat Linux 6.1, Turbo Linux 4.0 and Alighieri, Divina, Caldera 2.3, Cisco 2500 routers and switches. Now, chances are that employers in this jobseeker’s field understand all these terms.

Just be sure that’s the case. Spell out any acronyms you think could be questionable, and explain any terms you think some readers of your resume might not understand. College students, too, need to be aware of “inside” jargon. At Stetson University, my alma mater, for example, we have an annual charity fundraiser called “Greenfeather;” freshman-orientation leaders called “FOCUS” advisers; and a volunteer organization called “Into the Streets.” The school’s graduates routinely use those terms on their resumes without any explanation, as though everyone knows what Greenfeather, FOCUS, and butterfly net walmart, Into the Streets mean. Look at your resume from an outsider’s perspective — and explain (or eliminate) any unfamiliar terms or acronyms. Bonus tip: Be sure to list locations (city and state) for all your past employers. It’s resume protocol to do so, and employers expect to see that information. I’m constantly amazed at Divina Commedia Essay, all the resumes I see that list names of past employers, but don’t tell where those employers are located. Questions about some of the terminology used in this article? Get more information (definitions and links) on key college, career, and job-search terms by going to our Job-Seeker’s Glossary of Job-Hunting Terms.

Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Analysis Called HJR-3 Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine , an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career . -Dante! Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and net walmart, A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into -Dante Divina Commedia the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters , Write Your Way to a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to behavioural Study Skills (Alpha). Visit her personal Website or reach her by -Dante, e-mail at kathy(at) Check out Dr. Hansen on a major advantage of a franchise is that GooglePlus. QUINTESSENTIAL RESUME-WRITING PARTNER. LiveCareer’s Resume Builder is the fastest, most efficient way to build an effective resume. -Dante! Featuring hundreds of templates and behavioural, professional designs for all jobs and industries, Resume Builder also includes sample phrases written by our experts, plus helpful tips and advice to Alighieri, Divina Commedia make your resume stand out.

We’ll guide you step by step through the process, so you can build an impressive resume that will make employers want to know more. Ready to the activation information mode model jump-start your job search and move closer to reaching your goals? Try Resume Builder today, and learn how easy it is to create your own resume. We’re so confident that you’ll love Resume Builder that you can try it for FREE! ave you take advantage of all the many fre resume tools, a ticles, samples, and more that we have in Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay the Resume Resources section of Quintessential Careers? Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills.

Use our free samples, templates, and a major of a franchise, writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to -Dante Divina Commedia help land the job you want. Dr. Randall S. Hansen. Dr. Randall S. Viewpoint! Hansen is founder of Quintessential Careers, one of the oldest and most comprehensive career development sites on the Web, as well CEO of He is also founder of and He is publisher of Quintessential Careers Press, including the Alighieri, Commedia Essay, Quintessential Careers electronic newsletter, QuintZine. Dr. Hansen is also a published author, with several books, chapters in books, and hundreds of articles.

He’s often quoted in the media and conducts empowering workshops around the country. Finally, Dr. Hansen is also an educator, having taught at the college level for behavioural perspective, more than 15 years. Visit his personal Website or reach him by email at -Dante Essay! Check out butterfly net walmart, Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career. Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay! Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to Amendment HJR-3 a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills (Alpha). Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus.

I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is your key source for all things career-change related. You’ll find some great free career-change tools and resources. Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in your current career for a long time, but you do not have to go through the process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog Career and job-search news, trends, and scoops for job-seekers, compiled by the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!! These pages remain as an Divina Essay, archive of our previous blog posts. Please check out the Analysis of Indiana Called Essay, new and improved Quintessential Careers Blog for Job-Seekers and Careerists. Interview Advice Job []

The Quintessential Directory of Divina Company Career Centers. The Quintessential Directory of advantage of a franchise Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer’s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on -Dante Divina their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to the career and employment section of the of Indiana Amendment, [] Quintessential Careers: I am a Career Coach or Counselor. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to -Dante Commedia Essay the job/career/employment section of a specific employer’s Website.Because more and a major advantage of a franchise, more companies are developing career and employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay go straight to the career and butterfly, employment section of the [] Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service.

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analytical essay How to develop and write an analytic essay. Argument : Writing an Alighieri, analytic essay requires that you make some sort of argument. The core of this argument is called a thesis. Butterfly Net Walmart? It is your claim, succinctly stated in -Dante Divina Essay, a single sentence. What do budding literary critics such as yourselves argue about? You make a pervasive, persistent case that a certain thing is HJR-3 true about a piece of -Dante Divina Essay literature. Analysis Called? This thing should not be readily obvious to Alighieri,, the casual reader of the literature in question. It is what you draw out of the book or essay, how you interpret it. It is a claim that must be supported by specific evidence from the text. Thesis statement: At least once during the course of writing your essay, isolate what you consider to be your thesis. Is your proposition both arguable and reasonable?

If it is net walmart obvious (i.e. Mary Rowlandson used the Bible for comfort during her captivity) you don’t have an argument. Argument requires analysis (i.e. taking things apart and -Dante Alighieri, Divina Essay explaining them). A Major Of A Franchise? One test that may help is asking yourself what the opposite side of -Dante Alighieri, Essay your argument would be. A good, complicated thesis (which was proposed by one of your classmates) is that Although Mary Rowlandson says she often used the Bible as a source of comfort during her captivity, a closer reading of her narrative suggests her faith may have been more troubled by her experience than she lets on.

One useful structure for writing thesis statements is the although form used above: Although x seems to be true about butterfly net walmart this piece of literature, y is in fact more true (or makes our thinking about x more complex). In this form you present both sides of your argument at Commedia Essay once and net walmart show which side you’re on. Your job in the paper is to convince your reader to join you. Another way to write an effective thesis statement is to use the form If we look closely at x (e.g. how Bradford defines freedom) we discover y (that ). In order to find something to argue: Look for images or metaphors that the author uses consistently. What other sort of pattern can you identify in the text? How do you interpret this pattern so that your reader will understand the -Dante Alighieri, Commedia Essay, book, essay, poem, speech, etc. better? What philosophical, moral, ethical, etc. ideas is the author advocating or opposing? What are the viewpoint, consequences of accepting the author's argument?

Explain how the work functions as a piece of rhetoric-- how does the author attempt to convince his or her reader of Alighieri, Commedia Essay something? For instance, what widely held beliefs do they use to support their argument? How do they appeal to emotions, logic… Re-examine something that the text or most readers take for granted (that Thoreau’s book Walden represents his attempt to Amendment Called HJR-3, escape from Alighieri, Divina Essay, society). Question this major premise and see where it takes you. Ask yourself if an author’s literary argument is inconsistent with itself or is in some way philosophically dangerous, inadequate, unethical, or misleading. Behavioural? Examine how characters are presented in a story.

How do they help the main character to develop? Which characters are trustworthy? Which are not? Why are they presented this way? What counts as evidence: Structure : How the parts of the book or essay follow one another; how the parts are assembled to make a whole? Why does the Alighieri, Divina, author start where they start, end where they end? What is the viewpoint, logical progression of thought? How might that progression be intended to affect the reader What effect might this progression of ideas have on a generic reader or on a reader from the -Dante Commedia Essay, time period in which the of a is that, work was written? Does the piece move from the general to the specific or vice versa?

If you could divide the book/essay into sections, units of -Dante Divina Commedia Essay meaning, what would those sections be? How are they related to each other? Note that chapters, while they form obvious sections can themselves be grouped. Referring to the text : In writing analytic papers that address any kind of a major franchise literature, it is necessary to refer to the text (the specific words on the page of the book) in order to support your argument. This means that you must quote and interpret passages that demonstrate or support your argument. Quotation is usually stronger than paraphrase. Remember also that your purpose in writing an -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia Essay essay is not merely to paraphrase or summarize (repeat) what the author has said, but to a major advantage of a franchise, make an argument about -Dante Divina how the make their point, or how they have said what they have said.

Language : includes the behavioral viewpoint, way an author phrases his or her sentences, the key metaphors used (it’s up to you to explain how these metaphors are used, why these metaphors are appropriate, effective, ineffective, or ambiguous). Is the way a sentence is phrased particularly revealing of the -Dante Alighieri, Essay, author’s meaning? Practical Essay-writing Hints: Please title your paper and butterfly net walmart make the title apt and enticing--I LOVE a good title. It puts me in a good mood before I start reading. Be clear about whether you’re writing about a book, an essay (non-fiction, short prose), a story (short fiction) a poem, a novel (book-length fiction), an -Dante Divina autobiography, a narrative (as in Captivity Narratives) etc. Walden is a book comprised of chapters. Of Indiana Called Essay? Each of these chapters could also be called an essay. -Dante Divina Commedia? Within these essays, Thoreau sometimes tells stories. A Major Is That? The book itself is not a story, but closer to a narrative, which is non-fiction. Always go through at least two drafts of you paper . Let your paper sit, preferably for 24 hours between drafts sometime during the process of your writing. Eliminate first person pronoun (I) in -Dante Divina, your final draft (it’s OK for rough drafts and may help you write).

If your paragraphs are more a full page or more in length it is more than likely that they are tooooooo long . Probably you have too many ideas in the air at once. Consider breaking the paragraph in half--into two smaller, but related arguments. The Activation Information Mode Model? Your reader needs a break, needs more structure in order to be able to follow your meaning. If several of your paragraphs are exceedingly short (4-5 lines), it is likely that you are not developing your ideas thoroughly enough--that you are writing notes rather than analysis. Short paragraphs are usually used as transitional paragraphs, not as content paragraphs. (Short paragraphs can be used in the rhetorical devise of reversal where you lead your reader down a certain path (to show them one side of the argument, the one you are going to oppose) and then turn away from that argument to state the true argument of your paper.) Employ quotation often. -Dante Alighieri, Commedia? One quotation per behavioural perspective argumentative paragraph is usually necessary. Depending upon the length and -Dante Divina Commedia Essay complexity of the passage or topic you're dealing with, more quotations may be useful to prevent you from getting too far away from the text. Your quotations combined with your interpretations are your proof. Be sure that you show your reader how they should interpret these quotations in order to follow your argument. (Almost every quotation should be followed by an interpretation, a deeper reading of what is being said and how its being said. Behavioural? This interpretation demonstrates how the quotation supports the claim you're making about it).

Pay attention to Commedia, metaphor, phrasing, tone, alliteration, etc. How is the author saying what they are saying--what does that teach us about the pe3, text? Remember to write directive (sometimes called topic) sentences for Divina Essay, your paragraphs . The first sentence of tax products any paragraph should give your reader an Divina Commedia idea of what the paragraph is going to say and how the paragraph will connect to the larger argument. Of Indiana Amendment HJR-3 Essay? It should have more to do with what you have to say about the Essay, materials than what the author him or herself has said. Transitions between paragraphs : try to get away from using The next, First of all Another thing. Viewpoint? to connect your paragraphs. Divina Commedia? This is the list method of structuring a paper--not an integrated, logical approach. A really strong transition makes the logical connection between paragraphs or sections of a paper and gives the reader a sense that you’re building an argument. To make sure you are making a well-connected argument, ask yourself how the last sentence of each paragraph and the first sentence of the Analysis of Indiana HJR-3 Essay, next are connected. Each of the sentences within your paragraphs should be related somehow (follow from, refer to, etc.) the one that precedes it, and Divina the one which follows it. Of A Franchise Is That? This will help the reader follow the flow of your ideas. The order of your paragraphs should reveal a developing argument.

On the most basic level, you should be able to consciously justify the presence and placement of every word in every sentence, every sentence in every paragraph, every paragraph in every essay . To repeat: in revising your papers after the Alighieri, Divina Essay, first draft (which is always, inevitably to some degree confused because you are involved in the process of working your ideas out), you should be highly conscious of viewpoint what you are doing and why you are doing it.

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example of -Dante Alighieri, Divina Essay, writing Read this sample case study report and tax products pe3 click on the highlighted text to see comments about the -Dante Alighieri, Essay, report. Portable computer Use at client sites. Prepared for Freda Smith, general manager. by Belinda Gibson, training coordinator. To : Belinda Gibson, Training Coordinator. From : Freda Smith, General Manager. Subject: Portable Computers. To make the most of the technologies we discussed the other day to provide a quality service to our customers, it is essential that our training staff be equipped with portable computers which can be used at butterfly net walmart client sites. Over the next couple of weeks, please investigate the portable computers which would be most appropriate for our staff, and present your findings in the form of a formal management report. The selected machine needs to be compatible with the -Dante Commedia, Windows software we are currently using.

Other factors which should be considered when comparing the brands and models include: Initial cost; Weight and size; Screen size; Clarity of the screen image; RAM and pe3 hard disk size; Speed of the CPU; Battery capability; and The availability of on-going service agreements and warranties. With our training staff so often out at client sites, it would be useful if the -Dante Essay, machines also had modern facilities to enable staff to access their email. Please pass the Analysis Amendment Called HJR-3 Essay, report to me by the end of the Alighieri, Divina Commedia, month so I can read it over before discussing your recommendations with the equipment committee. Let me know if you have any questions. To : Freda Smith, General Manager. From : Belinda Gibson, Training Coordinator. Subject: Portable Computers.

Here is the tax products, report you requested on the use of portable computers for our training staff to use at client sites. Two portable computers were reviewed for this report: the Micro-pro 8500 Series and the Hewlett Packard 3000CTX model 5/233, both suitable for -Dante Alighieri, Essay business purposes. The report has analysed standard features on both computers, taking your specifications into behavioural consideration. I am confident that with the Commedia, use of portable computers our training staff will produce a higher standard of net walmart, training presentations. I would be happy to assist with the implementation of the computers for our training staff to -Dante Alighieri, use at future courses. Table 1: Comparison of two portable computers. The purpose of this report was to analyse two portable computers and recommend a suitable machine for training staff to use at client sites. This report has considered two machines suitable for corporate use that can accommodate modern facilities such as e-mail, video conferencing and assist staff with training courses. The Hewlett Packard Omnibook 3000CTX model 5/233 is a well made portable computer with a good size screen and keyboard.

For the price of this model you would expect to see more memory, a CD drive and a Windows based power management set up. (Australian PC Authority, April 1998, #039;PCs and Notebooks - Reviews#039;, p.82) Like the Hewlett Packard model the Micro-pro 8500 Series has a good size screen and keyboard but also comes witha numeric pad. This machine is ideal for the business user who wants usability, comfort and performance. (Australian PC Authority, April 1998, #039;PCs and Notebooks - Reviews#039; , p.81) After taking both machines into consideration, it is recommended that the Micro-pro 8500 Series would be the most suitable computer due to Analysis HJR-3 its value for money, durability and standard features. The purpose of this report was to analyse two portable computers and recommend a suitable machine for our training staff to use at Divina Commedia Essay client locations.

While investigating these two computers it was important to consider their suitability for corporate use, standard features, optional benefits and warranties. The information used in this report was collected by consulting an independent review by a major of a is that the Australian PC Authority magazine and contacting the individual companies for additional information on the technical specifications and warranties on the machines. Local computer stores did not stock either machine. Additional information difficult to locate. Software packages included with the Alighieri, Essay, machine not specified.

It has been assumed that the Microsoft Office software package will be installed on tax products pe3 the computers to Alighieri, ensure our training staff have access to PowerPoint. This program will enable them to present effective teaching media. As our staff regularly use computer applications it has been assumed that the implementation of portable computers will cause little delays for behavioral viewpoint the company. As most computer companies offer clients an extended warranty, it is Alighieri, Divina assumed that All Purpose Training Company will have the option to purchase an extended warranty for a period of one year. The All Purpose Training Company is a well respected supplier of quality executive training courses for the business community. The All Purpose Training Company has statewide representation with plans to expand interstate within the next 12 months. All Purpose Training Company has a demand to the activation suggests supply new clients with numerous training courses. With such demands it is crucial that training staff can have computer access for training presentations and be able to complete day to day operations while mobile. Cost: $7895 RRP Weight: 4.5 Kg Size: (W x D x H) 357 x 275 x 50mm Screen size: 15.1 Clarity of screen image: Resolution could be higher, set at 1,024 x 768 you can see the pixels, but very easy on -Dante Divina Commedia your eyes. (Australian PC Authority, April 1998, #039;PCs and Notebooks - Reviews, p. Behavioural! 81) RAM: 64 Mb, RAM can be raised to a maximum 128Mb for $1140 Disk Drive: CD-ROM and 3.5 FDD Speed of the CPU: Pentium processor Battery capabilities: Lithium-ion battery, smart battery option available. Lithium-ion battery lasts 2.5 hours without smart battery upgrade. (Australian PC Authority, April 1998, #039;PCs and -Dante Divina Notebooks - Reviews, p. 81) Service agreements and warranties: Two year parts and labour warranty. Cost: $8245 RRP Weight: 3.1 Kg Size: (W x D x H) 304 x 238 x 47mm Screen size: 13.3 Clarity of the activation information suggests, screen image: Resolution is Alighieri, set at 1,024 x 768.

Reasonably easy to read. with normal working conditions. (Australian PC Authority, April 1998, #039;PCs and Notebooks - Reviews, p. Net Walmart! 81) RAM: 16Mb, upgrade available, $242 for 16Mb. Disk drives: 3.5 FDD, CD-ROM available for $570 Speed of the CPU: Pentium processor Battery capabilities: - 2.5 hours from -Dante Commedia, a lithium-ion battery Service agreements and warranties: All Hewlett Packard Omnibooks come with a 3 year parts and labour warranty. Amendment! (Stephen, 7/5/1998, Telephone Interview, Customer Service Officer, Hewlett Packard Information Centre, Hewlett Packard) The following table summarises the important points of comparison between the two portable computers - Hewlett Packard Omnibook and Micropro 8500 Series. There is a RRP difference between the two computers of $350. In order to have the computers ready for staff use, upgraded memory size would be required on the Hewlett Packard model. The Micro-pro computer weighs an extra 1.4 Kg. This is substantially heavier, but the Micro-pro is a larger machine with each dimension larger than the Hewlett Packard computer. -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia! Micro-pro measures 53W x 37D x 3H mm larger.

There is a notable gap between screen sizes. Butterfly! Micro-pro has a 14.1 inch screen compared with Hewlett Packards 13.3 inch screen. When using over long periods a larger screen is preferred to avoid eye strain. The resolution on -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia both machines is net walmart set a 1,024 x 768. Pixels can be seen on the Micro-pro model, while the Omnibook is Alighieri, Divina reasonably easy to a major franchise is that read. (Australian PC Authority, April 1998, PCs and Notebooks - Reviews, p. 81 - 82)

RAM between the two machines varies greatly. The Australian PC Authority states that the Micro-pro comes with 64 Mb of RAM standard, with an option of buying the maximum 128 Mb for -Dante Alighieri, Divina Essay $1140. They also state Hewlett Packards Omnibook comes with 16 Mb RAM, but as most computer applications require 32 Mb, this extra memory will cost you $242 . Information Model Suggests! Both machines come with a standard 3.5 FDD. -Dante Divina Essay! Only the Micro-pro machine comes with a CD-ROM drive, you must buy this as an extra for Analysis of Indiana HJR-3 the Omnibook for -Dante Alighieri, Commedia Essay a cost of $570. (Australian PC Authority, April 1998, PCs and Notebooks - Reviews, p. 81- 82) With 32 Mb of RAM fitted the Omnibook is one of the fastest portable computers the Australian PC Authority magazine has ever seen, They also found that with 64 Mb RAM the Micro-pro was not exceptionally quick but for word processing and other office tasks it was quite acceptable. Both machines come with a standard lithium-ion battery which can support the computers for perspective up to -Dante Divina Commedia 2.5 hours. The computers come with power management tools that will save battery power. A smart battery option is available on the Micro-pro for $60. (Australian PC Authority, April 1998, PCs and Notebooks - Reviews, p. The Activation Model! 81)

3.9 Service agreements and Alighieri, warranties. Micro-pro supplies their clients with a two year part and labour warranty, while Hewlett Packard supplies a three year parts and labour warranty. It is assumed that when the machines are purchased a service agreement will be negotiated with the option to extend the Analysis Amendment Called HJR-3 Essay, warranty. After investigating the Hewlett Packard Omnibook 3000CTX 5/233 and the Micro-pro 8500 Series portable computers, it was found that both models are suitable for corporate use and would meet All Purpose Training Company requirements. It is important to consider the long term benefits to the company when considering which computer was best suited. Apart from initial purchasing expenses, warranty, speed, size and memory were some factors which have been taken into account. Software suitability was also considered. The computers had to be easily adaptable for new technology such as e-mail, video conferencing and presentation aids, for future company requirements. Both computers are distinct from -Dante Alighieri, Divina, each other and, although both companies have the pe3, corporate user in mind, Micro-pro appears to Alighieri, Commedia Essay be offering an exceptional package. 5. Recommendations and implementation. The findings and conclusion in this report support the following recommendations:

The Micro-pro 8500 Series portable computer is purchased at a rate of one computer per training staff member. The smart battery option is purchased with each computer ; this will assist with heavy workloads and long training programs. Staff must have e-mail access on of Indiana Amendment HJR-3 Essay their computers to enable them to be in contact with the company. All Purpose Training Company should negotiate price, warranty and on going service agreements with Micro-pro direct. To reduce company long term expenses: The company could investigate the viability of -Dante Divina Commedia Essay, staff leasing the computers A staff option of buying the computers for personal use after the warranty period expires. Tax Products! Computers should be available to staff after a maximum of 6 weeks. Australian PC Authority , April 1998, PCs and Notebooks - Reviews, p. 81 - 82. Micro-pro, 1998, 8500 Series Brochure, Micro-pro Computer (Imports) Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia.

Gray, K. Alighieri, Commedia Essay! 1998, Director, Turnstone Technologies Pty Ltd, Australia. Stephen, 1998, Customer Service Officer, Hewlett Packard Information Centre, Hewlett Packard, Australia. Guffey, M. 1997, Business Communication: Process and net walmart Product , South - Western College Publishing, Ohio, USA. Kimberly, N. and Cotesta, P, 1998, Student Q Manual , Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University, Caulfield, Australia. Alighieri, Divina Commedia! Distance Education Centre, 1998, Business Communication Subject Guide , Monash University, Churchill, Australia. Portable computer Use at client sites. The title of the report. Be consistent in your use of capitals and lower case letters: Portable computer u se at client sites. Prepared for Freda Smith, general manager. by Belinda Gibson, training coordinator.

the name of the company. Be consistent in your use of capitals and lower case letters. Pe3! The company name is: All Purpose Training Company. The opening sentence should remind the client of the subject and date of the Alighieri, Divina, Memo of Authorisation. This sentence should read: Here is the tax products, report you requested on January 29 on the use of portable computers by -Dante Commedia our training staff at client sites. This paragraph expresses confidence in behavioral viewpoint, the future benefits of Alighieri, Commedia, portable computers. It adds a positive note to the memo . (If you wish to tax products acknowledge people who provided information or other assistance with the preparation of the report, you can do so before the closing sentence.) Memo of Alighieri,, Authorisation. Memo of perspective, Transmittal. A Table of Contents should include a list of any figures or tables appearing in Alighieri, Essay, the report.

In this report, a List of Tables is presented on a separate page following the Table of Called Essay, Contents. The page number is Divina Commedia Essay referenced within the Table of Contents before the Executive Summary. Alternatively, the of a, List of -Dante Divina Commedia Essay, Tables is sometimes presented as the last item within a Table of Contents. Perspective! With this format, if the list is short, it is not necessary to Alighieri, Divina Essay use a separate page for the detailed list. The Executive Summary is designed to give the busy executive a brief overview of the report. This Executive Summary includes: a statement of purpose a brief description of what has been done in Analysis of Indiana, this report. a summary of the findings a recommendation. This sentence gives a brief description of what has been done in this report. Alighieri, Divina Commedia! The present perfect tense is used here to describe actions which have a present impact. The analysis has led to mode model suggests a choice of -Dante Divina Commedia, computer. Note that the student has summarised the principal portable computer requirements stated in butterfly, the Memo of Authorisation. A summary of the findings is presented in the next two paragraphs.

Note that information included in the executive summary is not usually referenced since the source has been acknowledged in the body of the report. A recommendation is presented in the final sentence. Note: the student has not included background information in the executive summary. Such information belongs in the introduction. The Introduction provides essential background information, including why the study or project was undertaken and Divina Commedia what methods were used to gather the information. The sections required in the introduction vary, depending on the type of report and the department to which you belong.

Purpose : The purpose is usually stated in one sentence. The Findings section presents the basic facts with a minimum of commentary. The implications of net walmart, these facts are examined in the Discussion section. In this report the -Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia, comparative findings are presented in two bulleted lists . (In a different context it may be more appropriate to information mode model use numbered paragraphs rather than bullet points, particularly if the information being presented is more complex or more detailed than that in this report.) The section could have been improved by including some additional comments (in paragraph form) to Alighieri, Divina Essay introduce the viewpoint, comparative findings, and to highlight in -Dante Commedia Essay, a general way where the differences were most evident. Table form is another useful way to present comparative findings in a report. When using the Harvard or Author-Date system of referencing, only the author, date, and page number should be included. In this case, the reference should be written as follows: (Australian PC Authority, 1998, p 81). In this example, the of a franchise, author is an -Dante Alighieri, Commedia, organisation.

Note that the full stop should be placed after the reference, not before. When using the of Indiana Amendment Called, Harvard or Author-Date system of referencing, only the author, date, and page number should be included. In this case, the reference should be written as follows: (Australian PC Authority, 1998, p 81). In this example, the author is an organisation. Note that the full stop should be placed after the reference, not before. When using the Harvard or Author-Date system of referencing, only the -Dante Divina Commedia, author, date and page number should be included.

In this case, the reference should be written as follows: (Australian PC Authority, 1998, p 81). In this example, the of Indiana Amendment Called, author is an organisation. Note that the full stop should be placed after the reference, not before. When reference is made to a personal communication, the Alighieri, Commedia, surname of the person concerned should be included and behavioural the reference presented as follows: (Smith, S. 1998, pers. comm., 7 May) When using the Divina Essay, Harvard or Author-Date system of referencing, only the author, date, and page number should be included.

In this case, the reference should be written as follows: (Australian PC Authority, 1998, pp. 81-82). In this example, the author is an organisation. Note that the full stop should be placed after the reference, not before. When using the Harvard or Author-Date system of referencing, only the author, date, and behavioural perspective page number should be included. In this case, the reference should be written as follows: (Australian PC Authority, 1998, pp. 81-82). In this example, the author is an organisation. Note that the full stop should be placed after the reference, not before. When using the Harvard or Author-Date system of referencing, only the author, date, and page number should be included. In this case, the -Dante Alighieri, Commedia, reference should be written as follows: (Australian PC Authority, 1998, p 81).

In this example, the author is an the activation model, organisation. Note that the full stop should be placed after the Alighieri, Commedia, reference, not before. This conclusion begins with a general statement summing up the Findings . 5. Recommendations and implementation. The Reference List includes all sources cited in the report. It should be on butterfly a separate page. This reference list requires a number of revisions in -Dante Alighieri, Commedia, order for it to conform to appropriate style conventions:

When using the Harvard or Author-Date system of tax products, referencing, references should be listed in Essay, alphabetical order according to author surname. This applies whether the author is butterfly net walmart a person or an organisation. References 5, 6, and Divina Essay 7 are sources consulted for a major of a is that style conventions in -Dante Alighieri, Divina Essay, report writing. Of Indiana Amendment Called Essay! As they do not relate to the content of the report, they should not be included in the Reference List. Alighieri, Divina Commedia! When using the Harvard or Author-Date system of Analysis Amendment Called HJR-3, referencing, entries in a list of references are not numbered . With journals or periodicals (including magazines) , an issue number or identifier, a volume number if applicable, and the page numbers of the article are included.

These details follow the name of the publication, and are separated by commas. Personal communications such as those listed as Numbers 3 and 4 are not usually included in the list of references , but if it is -Dante Divina Commedia considered important to include this information, full names should be used. Check with your subject lecturer if in doubt. The Conclusion sums up the perspective, main points which have emerged from the Findings and the Discussion. In some reports, it may be combined with Recommendations. This is a report, not a personal letter, and the word #039;you#039; is not appropriate to the formal tone you need here. Change this phrase to Divina will cost $242

Again, to maintain a formal tone, better not to use #039;you#039; - use the passive instead: for the Omnibook this must be bought as an extra, for a cost of $570. Problems? Questions? Comments? Please provide us feedback.