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The hawthorne experiments

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nancy grace resume Edited Oral History Transcript. Interviewed by Rebecca Wright. Chevy Chase, Maryland – 15 September 2000. Wright: This oral history is being conducted with Dr. Experiments? Nancy Roman in delict, her home in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Experiments? Today is September 15, the year 2000. What Is A? The interview is the hawthorne, being conducted for the NASA Headquarters History Office. The interviewer is Rebecca Wright, assisted by Sandra Johnson.

Roman: Okay. To start with, I’m trying to use my double name again, Nancy Grace. I was born in what, Nashville, Tennessee, so I was a Southern baby, and in the South they used double names. I always used it in experiments, my family and I used it throughout college, but I went to graduate school in Wisconsin, and Intelligence Confidence Essay, I found Northerners just could not cope with it, so I dropped it. Then, oh, maybe six years or eight years ago now—time flies—we had a summer student working with us at the hawthorne the Astronomical Data Center at moral principles Goddard [Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland], and she used her double name. I decided, well, if she used it, why can’t I? So I’m trying to use it again. The Hawthorne Experiments? I will answer either way, and I have to admit, most people don’t use it, but I’m trying. Threshold Competencies? Okay. Wright: Never too much detail. Roman: Oh, yes. The Hawthorne? So, I, anyway, we had chemistry four periods a day, two periods of lectures and two periods of lab.

I don’t know. There were times when I dreamed test tubes that summer. [Laughter] But I got through chemistry. As it say, we all did, and, in fact, I passed my freshman college, first-semester freshman college chemistry on the basis of it several years later. Wright: When you were asked to what delict head up this new program, did you have the opportunity to set your own agenda, or were there expectations of what the the hawthorne experiments government wanted you to do with this? Roman: Well, it was pretty much a blank check. Now, during the IGY [International Geophysical Year], the National Academy of Sciences had asked scientists, asked all scientists, not just astronomers, to propose satellite experiments. There had been four proposed for astronomy, only rousseau philosophy one of which could possibly have been carried by Vanguard, and probably not even that. So when NASA was formed, they decided to use these as the basis for the astronomy program, at least in the beginning. Wright: What about staff and budget? Roman: The way NASA Headquarters was set up and still is, actually, as you may know, is a dichotomy between engineers and experiments, scientists.

For example, in a particular division, like the Astronomy and Astrophysics Division, there would be either a scientist and an engineer as the head and the other as the deputy. Below him—it was always a him in what is a, my case—there were two groups. There were the scientists and there were the engineers. Now, they worked very closely together, but they did have separate responsibility. Wright: At what time in your role were you able to bring ideas for the hawthorne experiments, new projects and Essay about Business, help see those projects become reality?

Roman: Well, I don’t know if I can think of a particular time. I’d had a lot of discussions with members of the astronomical community about what they might want to do. I did an experiments, awful lot of traveling in my early years, trying to visit all of the major astronomy departments in the country. I also visited industry but that was in a different role primarily. What Is A Delict? And talking, trying to get them interested in doing astronomy from space, whether from rockets or balloons or satellites, telling them what the the hawthorne experiments possibilities and constraints were, finding out what they thought would be important. Then on the basis of that, I tried to formulate the science program that would make sense and what sorts of Intelligence Creates Essay, facilities we needed to carry out the hawthorne experiments that program.

Wright: I guess it’s a process of evolution. Is A Delict? It just keeps moving from one to the other. Roman: Yes, of course, which is the experiments way science works, in general. Wright: Could you give us some ideas of how that happened? As you mentioned when you first started. Maybe take an example of one of the what delict projects and the hawthorne experiments, show us that phase, that evolutionary phase of principles, how it moved from gathering information from your travels and then moved into projects that became— Roman: Well, I can tell you about a fairly minor one, because, as you probably know, I’m writing a history on space astronomy, and one of the people I contacted was a person who had done the red shift, the rocket red shift experiment. He sent back some fairly extensive comments which were sufficient to refresh my memory on what had happened, which I would not have remembered otherwise. Wright: Yes. Well, sometimes, and the hawthorne experiments, many times, people will read, or I will read, the end of a result, but the progression of how it got there is somewhat of moral principles in ethics, a mystery to the hawthorne experiments all of us.

It always helps to— Roman: I think I told you about the threshold OAOs, that they grew out experiments of the IGY. The major decision was to create a standard spacecraft. Philosophy? Well, there were four experiments in the hawthorne experiments, the IGY, proposed for the IGY: an competencies, ultraviolet photometer; a relatively low-resolution ultraviolet spectrometer; and a high-resolution ultraviolet spectrometer, all for stars or celestial sources, which were assumed to the hawthorne be stars at delict that time; and one for the sun. Wright: Funding. Has that ever been an issue to continue while you were in position? Roman: Oh, very definitely.

Yes, the early days, funding was pretty flush. Even by the late sixties, well before the Apollo Program ended, funding was becoming a major problem. Most of the missions—well, maybe not most—most of the big missions had to the hawthorne experiments be de-scoped to save funds. I say, save funds. Save funds temporarily because the HST is either a horrific or an excellent example, depending on which way you want to look at the thing.

We had to cut the costs. Wright: Has that project resulted or lived up the expectation that you wanted— Roman: You haven’t heard about the Hubble? [Laughter] Wright: Not from you. [Laughter] Roman: Yes, I think it has more than lived up to the expectations. I think we have done everything that we said we were going to do, and more. Wright: It must be very exciting to see that for you and all of your colleagues to watch that. Roman: One thing I ought to tell you.

I think I’ve mentioned this in other interviews, but I still find it interesting. In the early days when we were still trying to is a get approval through Congress, [William] Proxmire—you might probably remember him—asked why the average American taxpayer should want to pay for the Hubble. It was then the ST, Space Telescope. My answer was—and this was all by mail; I didn’t ever testify in Congress, fortunately, I think—my answer was that for the price of a night at the movies every taxpayer would receive fifteen years of exciting scientific results. Wright: And hopefully they will continue to learn more and more about those results as well. Wright: When you were discussing earlier the first days and then, of course, the days that led up to the Hubble, it made me think about the the hawthorne different type of spacecraft or vehicles that your telescopes have used to Intelligence Creates get where they need to go.

How did that change, just that piece of experiments, technology, affect how you planned? Roman: Well, of course, in the seventies when all the NASA effort was being put on the space shuttle, it was decreed that all missions would be launched on the shuttle. So all of our spacecraft were designed to use the shuttle. Now, the threshold competencies Space Telescope actually had been planned to use a manned launch and manned maintenance in orbit from its very beginning. Wright: Prior to the shuttle, of course, you had different spacecraft that were going. I know that you mentioned the ATM earlier. The Hawthorne Experiments? Could you tell us about those early days of working with that? Roman: Well, ATM wasn’t exactly early. At the end of the rousseau Apollo Program, there were Saturns that had been left. You know, originally they had planned two more missions to the Moon than they actually flew. So those vehicles were left, and the idea was, well, what could you do with them that was useful?

There were suggestions of filling the Saturn, the last stage, with sand for technological tests. Well, some of us, some people didn’t think that made a whole lot of sense when you could use them to experiments get things into orbit, in which you’d learn more than you’d learn from a tank of sand, and at the same time would get some engineering experience as to Essay of Film how you launched things. So that is the the hawthorne origin of ATM. Wright: I think so, and maybe those taxpayers would have something more than sand, you know, speaking of return, and Senator Proxmire as well. Roman: Well, yes, I mentioned that in the beginning I was only about An Overestimation of Film Music responsible for the stars and I was only responsible for experiments, the ultraviolet optical. Then after the first year, I took over the sun as well and the whole electromagnetic spectrum.

It’s always amused me, [Homer E.] Newell defined astronomy as the study of where you aren’t and then proceeded to add geodesy to it, which is, of course, the science of the Earth. [Laughter] So I was given the responsibility for Intelligence Creates Confidence Essay, the geodetic program, probably because the techniques of geodesy are much closer to those of traditional astronomy than they are to the space physics types of activities. The Hawthorne Experiments? Of course, relativity just sort of naturally fell in, primarily because nobody else wanted it. So I had really everything outside—well, I was going to say everything outside the solar system plus geodesy, and I guess relativity really is within the solar system, too. Wright: Goodness, you had quite a galaxy of delict, your own to take care of. Roman: Yes, I did, and, as far as staff, I had a secretary the whole time, or least the branch did. The first year, as I said, I worked for Schilling.

If I remember rightly, the second year, and I don’t really know for how long, I was alone except for a secretary. Then I had an the hawthorne experiments, assistant. Then after three or four years I had a full-time assistant, first an threshold competencies, astronomer and then an engineer, actually, because I couldn’t find an astronomer, and the hawthorne, I hired Nancy [W.] Boggess, who had a Ph.D. in astronomy, but was a mother and didn’t want to work full-time. So she worked, I think, half-time, but her hours were such that she could stay home till the Essay about of Faysal Bank children left in the morning and experiments, be home by the time they came home in the afternoon. Is A? So it worked out experiments well for her and it worked out well for me. As her children got older, she began working more, first three-quarter time and then full-time, so that by that time I had two full-time technical people working with me, by Intelligence Creates the time I retired. Nancy actually handled most of the [infrared] astronomy program. Wright: I’d like for you to elaborate for us and explain for us a comment that you’ve made often or part of your conversation that you’ve made while we were sitting here, and it goes back to what the astronomers wanted. I find that very interesting and would like for you to talk to us about that, on how you determine or take what the experiments astronomers wanted and where this group of what delict, astronomers came from that basically shared with you what they wanted. And if you don’t mind, while you think about that, I think we’re going to change the the hawthorne experiments tape out. Roman: Okay, fine.

I wondered if you wouldn’t have to some time along the is a delict road. Wright: We’re going to the hawthorne change that out and let you think about that question for a second. [Tape change] Roman: Okay. Well, there were various ways that I found out Intelligence Creates Confidence what astronomers wanted. As I mentioned, I did in the early days make an the hawthorne experiments, effort to visit all the major astronomy departments in the country, talked to moral principles them about the the hawthorne possibilities of doing things in space, and tried to interest them in participating. The ones that showed an interest in competencies, participating, I simply tried to find out experiments what they thought made sense and what sorts of things they’d need to do what they want to do.

Now, obviously some of the things were impossible. Some of the things were possible, but not with the current technology and so forth. Many people were just not interested at all. Wright: Were you able to submit some of Model Bank, your ideas or your— Roman: Well, I never submitted any. Well, in the first place, I think it would have been a severe conflict of interest for me to submit any, an actual proposal. Experiments? But even beyond that, the job at principles in ethics Headquarters was sufficiently demanding that it was just about impossible to do research. When I took the job, I was told that we would have one day a week for research and the hawthorne experiments, every seven years we could have a sabbatical. But to get the one day a week for about An Overestimation of Film, research, you had to the hawthorne work two other days, and to get the Creates Essay sabbatical, you had to experiments find somebody who really wanted to come for a year, which at that time was pretty difficult. Now it doesn’t seem to be so difficult, but at principles that time it was. So I never got either one of those.

Wright: The astronomers that you have referred to, were there many and did that number change as the the hawthorne years moved on? Roman: Yes, it changed in moral principles, two major ways. In the beginning, there weren’t many. As I mentioned, there were only the hawthorne four proposals in the IGY. Beyond that, when you went into the X-ray and gamma ray fields, you were not dealing with traditional astronomers; you were dealing with physicists. So a fair number of physicists came into rousseau philosophy, the program, for two reasons. The Hawthorne? One, because they had the techniques. They knew the competencies techniques to work in those regions, which traditionally trained astronomers did not. But the experiments second reason is that nuclear physics was ramping down, and they were looking for new things to do. Roman: I sort of worry that the Essay present system, which puts so much responsibility into the hawthorne experiments, people who really do have a conflict of rousseau philosophy, interest.

Even though it may not—you know, they may not be proposing a competing experiment for a particular mission, they do have a conflict of interest, and I guess I feel that that’s dangerous. Wright: Let me take the other side of that. What was probably the most challenging part of your job? You mentioned that IUE was probably one of the proudest things that you were able to accomplish. Roman: Well, I guess it was also the most challenging in many ways because I had so very little support. Wright: Yes, the difficulty of that.

Did the continual change of technology, just how different that we do things in the seventies compared to experiments doing things in the fifties, and how technology progressed, did it affect your decisions or did that have a— Roman: Well, it certainly affected what we were able to do in a major way. Intelligence Confidence? One of the things I did because of this history project is, I re-read Smith’s book, and I was interested to read something that I had forgotten. Apparently I was almost entirely responsible for the hawthorne experiments, the fact that we’re using CCDs [charge coupled devices] for the wide-angle camera, the wide-field planetary camera on the Hubble. That was, in fact, the first use of CCDs in astronomy. Intelligence Confidence Essay? Now CCDs have just completely taken over astronomy since then. But I just did not feel that the intensified Vidicon, which is the hawthorne, what most people assumed we’d use, was going to do the threshold job.

It looked to me like the experiments CCDs should, and threshold competencies, they have, obviously. Wright: So much that changed, I know people have a hard time trying to decide what day they’re going to buy their computer because they know the the hawthorne experiments next day it’s going to be better and cheaper. I was just thinking about that when you were talking about rousseau how so much change, you know, of course, you have so much, and, of experiments, course, the Challenger stopping things, and you had technology still progressing, how much did you have to rousseau go back and redo before you could do what you wanted to do? Roman: I don’t remember too much of that happening, actually, in spite of the Challenger redesign. Experiments? As I say, the Space Telescope was pretty well set by the time, oh, it was pretty, reasonably well designed by Challenger, and about of Film, it certainly, yes, it was, yes, I said, I guess I said it was almost finished at experiments the time of moral principles, Challenger, so you couldn’t do much about experiments that. Roman: Because it was working well and competencies, was certainly a good satellite, good set of instruments getting good data. Wright: You retired, I believe in 1979. When you retired, did you feel like the goals that you had set for experiments, yourself and for your program had been accomplished?

Roman: Yes, I think so. I had my mother with me by that time, and she was getting older, and is a delict, it was obvious—well, there were a number of the hawthorne, reasons for retiring, but it was obvious that it was getting pretty difficult to take care of the apartment and her and a very demanding job with a lot of travel. I’m glad I did retire when I did, because I could not normally—it was an early-out period. I normally could not have retired for Intelligence Confidence Essay, another six years, and by the hawthorne experiments that time I could not have handled things at all. In Ethics? I also felt that I was tired of the the hawthorne job, and I had looked for moral principles, other jobs, but there are not that many jobs in the hawthorne, the government at Creates Confidence my field and level.

Wright: Could you explain a little bit more about your role there at the Data Center, what you did? Roman: Well, the Data Center archives computer-readable versions of astronomical catalogs. Actually the first years I simply would review the catalogs, check that they were consistent, reformat them if I thought that would make them more usable, and then prepare documentation which would provide enough information to let somebody else use them. But after, I don’t remember how long, five or six years, I guess, the person who was in charge of the Data Center was asked to leave, and for all practical purposes I took over the hawthorne, managing it. Now, I wasn’t always the manager in Intelligence Creates Essay, title, although I was for a while, but for experiments, the most part, I effectively ran the Confidence Essay science side of the program.

Wright: Well, you got to use quite a bit of your talents all in one spot, and possibly not have so many long hours— Roman: That’s true, yes, and it was even better because I could do a lot of the work from home, telecommuting. By that time, Mother couldn’t be left alone for a day, and I did have help so that I could do other things, and I could get to Goddard when I needed to. I went at experiments least one day a week because I felt that I had to interact with the other people in person, not just by e-mail, at least that often. But it helped.

The fact that I could work from here did mean that I didn’t have to have people on those days. She didn’t need the kind of attention that would keep me away from work for a long period of time, but I had to be here. Essay? I had to prepare the the hawthorne meals. I had to help her out of a chair, that sort of thing. Wright: What a great combination. You could feel very relaxed doing your work in, take care of your personal— Roman: Yes, it worked very nicely, and I continued after she died. Moral Principles? I continued to experiments telecommute quite a bit of the time, and now the administrative assistant in the group telecommutes three days a week, and the primary computer person, although they do have some others working, helping the competencies group now, but the the hawthorne one was primarily working with me, has moved out to Arizona and is telecommuting. So I started something.

Wright: Your trend continues. What a legacy. I’m sure they all appreciate that, too. It’s nice to be able to have great people working for An Overestimation, you, and everybody’s happy in the hawthorne, that— Roman: Yes, well, I think the group was happy, although the reason I left—as it happened, I think it was probably the moral best thing in a lot of ways. The Hawthorne? But the civil service person, this was a contractor, of course, the civil service person, who had taken over our part of the contract, and rousseau philosophy, I did not get along. I was asked to leave. I think, to the hawthorne experiments some extent, she was jealous of me, but there were other—I mean, we also disagreed in many areas.

Wright: Sure. Competencies? When we were preparing for this time with you, I read that someone had quoted you as saying that you had categorized your career into three phases: research and teaching and management and support. Do you still feel that way? Roman: Yes, yes, very definitely. In my period at the hawthorne experiments Yerkes, I stayed Yerkes for six years after I got my degree, did graduate-level teaching and spent most of principles, my time on experiments, research. Of course, NRL, the about Business Model Bank three and a half years at NRL were research entirely except for this informal course I gave. Then I had the management period, which was very definitely management. Then the support services contractor. Now I guess I might say I have a fourth area that I’m keeping pretty busy on experiments, a whole variety of volunteer activities. Wright: And enjoying those as well? Roman: And enjoying those, too, and also doing other things, but, well, I’m the competencies secretary of the the hawthorne National Capital Astronomers, which is primarily an amateur organization, although it does contain a number of professional.

I’m now, as of a few weeks ago, assistant treasurer of competencies, our local AAUW branch, but I also manage their web pages. I read for the blind and dyslexic because they were anxious to get technical readers and they particularly wanted somebody who could read astronomy— Roman: —and I do various other things. Give lectures. The Hawthorne? So maybe my fourth portion of my career is as a volunteer. Wright: But all those great credentials, all the previous roles have, certainly will make you a supreme volunteer.

You’ll have so many different opportunities to go for. Roman: Yes, and I have done a little teaching since I—well, I actually did a tiny bit before I retired, but I’ve done a little at the local community college in the summer, teaching, well, I’ve done one course for advanced high school students and several courses for high school science teachers. Wright: Oh, what a value for them. That’s terrific. Roman: I’ve been co-teaching those and it’s been fun. Music? As I think I’ve indicated, I’ve always liked teaching, and most people seem to think I’m a good teacher. So it works out.

Wright: Well, you certainly have shared so many of the hawthorne, your ideas, which is, of course, the about Music foundation of teaching, is that sharing of information. I was thinking back when you were talking earlier about not quite sure when your interest began to the hawthorne be an astronomer, but certainly it was at a time when there weren’t very many astronomers. What was the what delict perception then of astronomers compared to what maybe the perception of astronomy is now? Roman: Well, it certainly was a lot less known, and I guess maybe today people get astronomy and astrology confused a little less. I’m not sure. But, yes, when I joined the International, the International Astronomical Union [IAU] supposedly contains essentially all professional astronomers in the world, when I joined it, that was the the hawthorne first year the membership got over 1,000.

Now it’s pretty close to 10,000. So that’s been quite a change. Rousseau? But the fact that the field is small has made it interesting because the experiments fact that the field was small means that astronomers knew each other all over the world. This has made it very pleasant, and it’s also helped in Creates Confidence Essay, my job at experiments NASA because, of what, course, in our international programs we dealt with astronomers in the hawthorne experiments, other countries. The fact that they knew me and I knew them in rousseau, many cases made things a lot easier. The Hawthorne Experiments? Of course, the Essay Business Model of Faysal Bank other thing is pretty obvious. As a woman, I was better known than someone else probably, than a man would have been with the same career. So people remember me. Wright: Out of that thousand, I’m sure there weren’t too many women.

Is that—? Roman: No, not too many. There have always a lot of experiments, women in astronomy, but in general they’ve had more menial jobs, or they’ve taught in women’s colleges. About Business Model Of Faysal? Women astronomers go back a long way. The Hawthorne? I guess the first one is Business of Faysal, generally acknowledged to the hawthorne be—I can’t even think of her name. She was an threshold competencies, Egyptian, about 300 B.C. I guess that was Hypatia. Then there was one in the Middle Ages, but generally there were other astronomers.

For example, Herschel’s sister, did a lot of experiments, observing with him, but [Caroline Herschel] also did a lot of observing on her own. Tyco Brahe’s wife [Kirstin Jörgensdatter], after his death, finished his catalog and published it. There were a number of other women who worked with other members of their family. The man got the credit but the woman did her share of the work, to put it mildly. Wright: Well, maybe in the years ahead— Roman: Oh, it’s much, much better now. It’s much better than it waswhen I started, in spite of the fact that today’s women think they’re terribly put upon. Well, maybe they are. Wright: Did you find a lot in the years that you were at is a NASA, see more and more women come into this field? Roman: Oh, yes, very definitely.

You know, they’re both in NASA and in the hawthorne, the universities. Wright: As part of your career, you mentioned you traveled quite a bit. Did you have a chance to stop your reasons for being there and have a chance to gaze up and of Faysal Bank, look up at the stars from all over the world? Roman: Well, unfortunately, a good num—well, it depended on where I was. The Hawthorne? A lot of places don’t have very good skies, like Washington, and I guess I always—I do look at the stars. Even here I go out Essay of Faysal every night and look at the sky, and it’s pretty discouraging. The Hawthorne? I saw one star the other, night before last, and last night wasn’t clear, but that’s another thing I do. I support a program where the amateurs bring telescopes to a national park near here so that the general public can look at the sky. I don’t have a telescope, but I go over and answer questions and talk to them about things. Wright: Yes, well, there’s so much to see, isn’t there?

Wright: You spent so many years day in threshold competencies, and day out and then something other people literally reached the stars from one way or the other. Was there a time that you thought maybe you should have take a different road, or were you always glad to be in the hawthorne, the path that you were in? Roman: I think I was glad to is a delict be in the hawthorne, the path. What Is A? As I said, the period at NRL, I did feel that it was not a field I stay in indefinitely because of the fact that I didn’t have the the hawthorne experiments electronic background, but I enjoyed it. I found it very helpful when I went to NASA because, of course, there I was, in NRL, I was in an engineering organization, so I was dealing with engineers full-time. Wright: Yes, finding a common language, I guess. Roman: Finding a com—well, yes. It really did need somebody who had some feeling for rousseau, both sides. So my period at NRL, it was a happy period. I’m not unhappy about it and particularly in view of the fact that I didn’t see, I thought it was a much better opportunity than I saw anywhere else in the university area.

So I don’t feel unhappy about the hawthorne any part of my career. Wright: Any time at all that you come on something that was possible maybe unexplainable as you were starting to put things together in your research or having maybe the proposal people wanted you to do something that would push the envelope, would maybe answer some questions that people have asked for decades and no one wanted to reach to find those answers? Roman: Oh, well, sure. Certainly some of the proposals were— in fact, particularly in the early days when we were doing surveys, it was a matter of Essay about Business Model, simply trying to find the answers to the unknown. As far as my research, I made some interesting discoveries, but I guess I wouldn’t say that they were unknowable because I found them out. Wright: Well, they were unknown at one time.

Roman: They were unknown at one time, definitely yes. I think the most—I mentioned that I worked on high-velocity stars. The way I got into that was that I was studying stars, bright stars not all that different from the sun. The Hawthorne? The group at principles Yerkes who had been working with [William W.] Morgan, who was my thesis advisor and whom I continued to the hawthorne work with after my degree, had pretty well divided the types of stars by temperature. Different people worked on different temperature groups.

Well, the last group that anybody worked on was the sort of “average” star, let’s put it that way. So I took over that. About Model? Nobody else wanted it, and so this was a supposedly very uninteresting group of stars. Wright: I was saying that’s fun of the hawthorne, astronomy because it’s a endless quest— Roman: Oh, I think any science field is. Wright: Yes, when we look up at the stars, I guess that the moral principles in ethics one quick place that we know that you’re looking only a small part and there’s just so much more to see. You were the the hawthorne experiments first astronomer for NASA, the first female senior executive, and your list of firsts go on and on, but looking back, did you at threshold competencies the time realize the ground that you were breaking for so many others? Not just for women but for experiments, other astronomers and for people who wanted to move into is a delict, a field that they loved? Roman: I don’t know. Experiments? I think I did but not something that I payed all that much attention to. I guess that’s the best way to put it.

As far as other astronomers, I don’t know to what extent I broke the ice for them. I think the women’s movement generally broke the what is a delict ice a lot more for them than the few of us who did things early. Wright: Do you feel your field of experiments, astronomy is competencies, certainly one that’s of value today for the hawthorne experiments, people to move into? Roman: Yes, although fresh Ph.D.s will tell you that jobs are very hard to get. They are if the job you want is what, a research position in the hawthorne, a university.

But very, very few astronomers are unemployed. So I would say yes. What I tell people about astronomy as a career is go in with your eyes open but if you really want to do it and you recognize the problems, do it. I mean, after all, when I graduated there were extremely few jobs in astronomy, to put it mildly, but then, of course, there were a lot fewer astronomers. This was right after the war when we had the influx of moral, GIs coming in and getting degrees. Even at that time the average number of experiments, astron—Ph.D.s in the country was about—per year was about twenty-five, male and female. Today, well, it’s probably closer to 1,000.

Maybe not that high, but it’s certainly several hundred. There just weren’t that many jobs either, as you can imagine. Wright: And do you feel like the taxpayers are still getting their money’s worth on— Roman: Well, I guess the delict question is, what do you feel is worth it to the hawthorne the taxpayer? The taxpayer is still learning about the universe. Also, depending on what field the astronomer’s in, he’s learning about things that affect the Earth and affect the delict climate of the Earth and the problem of solar flares, solar activity and its effect on electromagnetic systems and communications satellites and things like that. So my own feeling is, yes, but I don’t think you can put a price or a value price on basic science. I think basic science is like poetry, or like, was it—who, Edison who said, “What value is a newborn baby?” So to say, “Is the the hawthorne taxpayer getting his money’s worth?” it’s a question of what he feels his money should be used for and what various things mean to him. Wright: So much of moral in ethics, it’s an investment to learn more and more, and it’s certainly pays for the hawthorne, itself, doesn’t it?

Roman: I mean, when you look at the amount of money that’s going into astronomy, including both the rousseau philosophy space and experiments, ground-based program, which is very large by competencies historical standards, and you compare that with the amount of money that’s going into, say, football or baseball or cigarettes or alcohol, it’s trivial. The question is which do you get more from, and I don’t know. It depends on who you are and what you want. Wright: What your value is, that’s exactly right. When we were talking about, I was thinking about experiments satellites, and even that word has changed, I guess, in its meaning for lots of people.

I was going to ask you and I forgot earlier about threshold competencies your reaction or what your thoughts were when you first heard about Sputnik and, of course, and the hawthorne, how that affected so much more. When you look up at competencies the sky now, there’s more than just stars. The Hawthorne? You have artificial or man-made objects as well. Roman: Well, I guess mainly I was excited, and I was in NRL at that time and we immediately went over to the lab and started listening to it, but I don’t remember much beyond that, except for the excitement. Wright: And, of course, there’s been so many more other objects that are up there now, and philosophy, then, of course— Roman: Yes. Now they’re sort of routine. You don’t even pay attention to launches of anything except manned launches. Wright: Is it like what a traveler riding down the street and they have this wonderful landscape they look, but they don’t look at the billboards? Is that how you do when you see this other space debris, or is that come to block your vision at all when you’re starting to—

Roman: Well, space debris doesn’t block vision, but it’s a problem in experiments, satellite safety, and it will be a problem in competencies, other ways eventually. But right now it’s primarily a matter of the hawthorne, damage. Wright: I guess the other area that we were just curious about your involvement was the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Did that cross your realm of possibility? Roman: It did, but not in about, a very major way. When NASA first became involved with it, I was handling that part of the program, but I never got very deeply involved in it, and it gradually went over to the planetary program. The Hawthorne Experiments? I have to admit that I had and still have mixed feelings about that. Creates Confidence Essay? I think that the the hawthorne experiments SETI Program is highly unlikely to succeed. I think there is life elsewhere in the universe. I can’t prove it, but I’d be very surprised if there isn’t, but that there would be life sufficiently like us in both capability and evolutionary status to Essay about Music communicate with us and yet still be near enough to the hawthorne experiments communicate, I think personally is highly unlikely.

On the other hand, there are people whom I respect very highly, scientists I respect very highly, who do think it’s worthwhile. So, as I say, I have mixed feelings. Wright: Yes, but you’ve had such a very full career and still haven’t finished. You have so many more things that you’re doing now and principles, sharing information. Are there other things that you can think of that you would like to add or maybe something that we didn’t cover or maybe something we just talked about briefly that you would like to add some other details on? I’m just kind of going through my notes and trying to make sure that—

Roman: Well, I cant’ think of anything at the moment, but— Wright: I have one thing that—when you were talking about your trip in 1956 to Russia, we talked about it, but you—some of the details. If you could share with us what it was like going to—was that your first trip also outside the country or— Roman: No, it wasn’t my first trip outside the country. The Hawthorne? My first trip outside the country was in 1955, when I went to the International Astronomical Union meeting in about Business of Faysal, Dublin and before the meeting I visited, well, I spent a few, I visited observatories in and near Paris and southern France and in Germany and also visited a friend in Germany and a friend in London before I went to Dublin. I guess I, you know, the interesting thing about the hawthorne that trip was that I just sort of assumed it might be my only moral principles trip to Europe, because in those days people didn’t travel as much as they do now. It was a major undertaking, not a major undertaking but a major event to fly to Europe. The Hawthorne Experiments? Of course, I don’t how many trips to Europe I’ve had since, quite a few. Moral Principles In Ethics? Anyway, but, so it wasn’t my first trip. It was my second. Wright: Be a different recipe, isn’t it?

Roman: Yes, and another experience I found interesting was one of the young women there asked me about—I was not at Yerkes anymore, but she asked me about, you know, where I lived when I was at Yerkes and the hawthorne experiments, so forth and what did I do about about of Faysal getting home after observing. The Hawthorne Experiments? I said, well, I walked. And she said, “Aren’t you afraid of the wolves.” I said, “No, we don’t have wolves in threshold competencies, that area. We have them farther north, but not in the hawthorne, that area.” Well, while I was at Creates Essay the observatory, one of the dogs was killed by a wolf. So they really were worried about wolves there. Well, those are some of the the hawthorne experiments experiences. Wright: What an Essay, impression you left. Roman: I surely did. So those are my impressions of my first trip to the hawthorne experiments Russia. Wright: Of the observatories that you had the threshold opportunity to visit, is there one that seems to stand out in your memory as, well, in fact, well, more than one of the others?

And that might even have been influenced by the time that you’ve seen them. You’ve seen them so many times now that— Roman: Yes, as I said, I was—I don’t know. I don’t think of any that I feel—I have to the hawthorne experiments admit the 200-inch telescope is pretty impressive, its dome, and the other things. Well, you know, the Music prime focus cage and experiments, so forth.

I guess that I would say that was the delict most impressive that I’ve seen, although, well, I have not seen the really large telescopes in Hawaii, or even the one in Texas, which is the hawthorne, a—well, yes, I have seen the about one in Texas. Experiments? No, no, I haven’t. I saw the 107-inch, but I haven’t seen the new one that they have which is Intelligence, a different type of telescope but very large. So I haven’t seen the really large telescopes that are coming up today. So I guess I would say that in my—things I’ve seen that I would count the 200-inch as the most impressive, although I have to admit that it’s sort of hard to experiments pick one as standing out. Wright: At least it’s nice that they’re changing so you have places to rousseau go now and more things to see and more adventures to have and things to learn. Roman: Yes, oh, yes. Yes. I’ve been to Mauna Kea [Hawaii] a couple of times but not since the really large [Keck] telescopes are up.

Wright: Well, we’ll be looking forward to hearing about the hawthorne experiments your latest adventures as they become quickly history. You’ll be able to plan more and to do more things. We certainly have learned so much, and Creates, we certainly enjoyed speaking with you today. Roman: I’m glad you have. I sort of the hawthorne experiments, felt that I was rambling, but I’ve been interviewed so many times.

Wright: Not at all. No, it’s been wonderful with the moral principles in ethics details and we certainly hope again as we send this to experiments you for competencies, your review that if you find more things that you would like include, please do and just thanks again for saving the day for the hawthorne experiments, us. [End of Interview] Curator: JSC Web Team | Responsible NASA Official: Lynnette Madison | Updated 7/16/2010.

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100+ List Of Persuasive Essay Topics. Should abortion be legal? Who has the right to life? Should euthanasia be made legal? The ethics of who chooses care The ethics of health insurance Private versus public health care Do we have an obligation to provide care to criminals? How should we approach the problem of mental health? Should we create a doctor service similar to experiments, the taxi-services which have proliferated now that the digital world has grown so much? When is it okay for medical professionals to break confidentiality? Eugenics Everybody should learn CPR How will the legalization of marijuana affect healthcare? Should there be a limit imposed on Essay Bank how much purely cosmetic plastic surgery one person can have? The ethics of organ donation Is steroid use dangerous?

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Should all religions be treated equally? Should separation of church and the hawthorne experiments, state be made a reality? Does intelligent design deserve to be taught in threshold schools? Should intelligent design be taught in biology or religious education? How a cult is different from the hawthorne a religion, and how it is principles dangerous?

Is Alcoholics Anonymous exploitative? Are twelve-step programs which mix religion with drug addicts good or bad? Home schooling should be allowed on the hawthorne religious grounds Businesses should be allowed to discriminate on Essay about religious grounds Politicians should allow religion to influence their policy decisions. Has digitalisation decreased the reliance on paper as was promised? Traditional book or eBooks? Freedom of the experiments press has gone too far in today’s world Is the about Music use of the hawthorne experiments, CCTV in public places necessary for safety or an in ethics, intrusion of our day-to-day privacy?

Does the internet mean the death of paper, newspaper and the hawthorne, magazines? Social networks and the younger generations ‘Digital natives’ and what that means for our society The ubiquity of advertising Subliminal messaging in advertising How digitalisation has affected the rousseau philosophy workplace Why we will rely on robots Using digital forms of communication undermines learning Will the internet last forever? Research now suggests that video games are good for the hawthorne, learning, but are they safe? Does paparazzi help the Essay about An Overestimation cause of the the hawthorne experiments free press, or hinder it? Bloggers should be treated as journalists, and held accountable for moral in ethics, their actions. Outsourcing is good for the economy There should be a cap on the salaries paid to the hawthorne, actors and sport stars There should be a three-day weekend instead of a two-day weekend The importance of patenting ideas Mono-tasking or multi-tasking – which is better?

Should we reward non-profits for their work or how little they spend? Are pension plans effective? The dangers of what, asbestos removal. Why do we Write Persuasive Essays? We write persuasive essays in an attempt to persuade our given audience to come round to our point of view on one particular topic. This type of essay can be on any topic at all, provided that there is more than one side to the debate.

Our purpose in writing persuasive essays should be to experiments, show the audience that one particular side of a debate has more truth and merit to it than another through the use of principles, proper arguments. While some other forms of the hawthorne, academic writing may allow for a more informal approach, writing a persuasive essay is always formal, due to its nature as an essay which is written to persuade. Other forms of writing can take a more informal approach because they exist to inform their audience. Persuasive essay writing, while it may contain some small amount of basic information about what is a delict, any topic – particularly if the essay is on the hawthorne experiments a fairly niche subject, and background knowledge is philosophy required – is not ultimately about experiments, instructing the audience or sharing information. These types of essay are focused on persuading audiences to philosophy, their point of the hawthorne, view, so do not focus on imparting information.

As a result of persuasive essays not being strictly informative (with the particular exception in the previous paragraph being the only exception), they should always take a formal tone. As the point of a persuasive essay is to persuade the what audience that the point of the hawthorne experiments, view which is Essay about Music being written about is the correct one, the arguments should be constructed specifically in experiments order to avoid any attacks it may face. One way of doing this is by avoiding the rousseau first person, as showing something to experiments, be our own personal opinion rather than one which is backed up solely by facts and figures. Using first person statements is something allows people to use our own opinions to form more coherent counterarguments. Persuasive essay topics are often assigned beforehand – particularly if the essay is being written in philosophy school, but often the writer has the freedom to make his or her own choice on the matter.

While this might seem to be a good thing – having the choice means that we can pick our own subject, after all – choosing a good persuasive essay topic is more difficult than it sounds. The topic needs to be obscure enough to be original, but not so obscure that there is no research on experiments it. Brainstorm topics as a group – this will give you a wider range of Creates Essay, topics to choose from. The Hawthorne! Choose a topic which gets an emotional response from you – you will feel more involved in is a delict the process. Pick a specific persuasive essay topic rather than a general one – the research will be more specific. The Hawthorne! Pick a topic which you think will inspire debate .

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An IDP Project Report On Car Race Booking System. i?˜ This is experiments, a Web Application for online car race booking system. This is an online booking service for Essay about Business, those people who are really passionate about Car Race. The day when Car Race is organized by experiments, organizer, that day is Drive Day. Essay About Bank. In this system, we provide the every details of the Drive Day which is hold by an organization. By this system, interested people can find all the information about the Drive Day. i?˜ People, who are interested in the Car Race, can purchase coupons online which are provided on the other websites that is distributed by experiments, the organizer.

Users can register in the system by threshold, email or phone number and can book the tickets by the hawthorne, using coupon code. When user books the slot, the coupon codes deactivate from the An Overestimation of Film Music, database, and experiments, remove from the other websites. i?˜ It is a web based application which is run on the any web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. It is threshold competencies, built by using PHP CodeIgniter and MySql. The basic aim of this application is for user facility. The Hawthorne Experiments. This application is use anywhere at any time by Essay about of Film Music, connected users only, just user need their internet connection and rights of each other to access this application. i?˜ Users, who are purchased the coupons, user can book slots from our website. After the registration, user is notified by email or text message. We provide the One Time Password (OTP), for the hawthorne, the conformation after booking the ticket for the security purpose. User can get the philosophy, OTP by email. i?˜ User, for which Drive Day, he/she book the slot, will get the the hawthorne experiments, information on the email or get notification by text message before the Drive Day.

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i?˜ Organizer: The Team responsible for developing the website. i?˜ OTP (One Time Password) i?˜ Cancel Registration. i?˜ Developers: The team responsible for developing software system. i?? For Class Diagram: i?? For Activity Diagram: i?? For Use Case Diagram: i?? For Sequence Diagram: i?? For Collaboration Diagram: 1.1 Project Summary. We are developing an online Car Race Booking System PHP based website. This website is using for view, book #038; search different types of Rally. What Delict. We book the different types of rallies held in forest, desert, etc. We book slots for interested people for the hawthorne experiments, rally using coupons which are distributed on competencies, the different web-sites. We are also providing a secure registration and the hawthorne experiments, profile management facilities for Customers. Our website providing online payment system through PayPal.

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Fig 1.5.3 MySql Logo. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). The Hawthorne Experiments. The MySQL development project has made its source code available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, as well as under a variety of proprietary agreements. 1.6 Literature Review. 1.6.1 Study of current Existing System: o In this website, the organizer Brisbane Sporting Car Club Ltd organizes the rally in Queensland, Australia. In this system, organization gives the schedule of the rally, maintains the records of the rally and Model, shows the result of the the hawthorne, rally which is hold in Queensland. It provides the details of the philosophy, sponsors and future rally schedule that is hold in Queensland. o In this website, the organizer organizes the rally called FIA WRC-World Rally Championship in the hawthorne Australia.

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It keeps the the hawthorne experiments, records about the Essay, race that will hold in the hawthorne experiments past. It books the is a, tickets of rally by registration. It also provides the photo gallery of the the hawthorne experiments, race. 1.6.2 Limitation of Existing System: i?˜ Very complicated sitemap. i?˜ Inefficiency and estimation of Essay about An Overestimation of Film Music cost. i?˜ Very hard to use for new users. i?˜ Does not provide secure transactions for payment. i?˜ No cancellation facility. 1.6.3 Usability Of Project: i?˜ To create simple, easy to the hawthorne, use web application.

i?˜ To provide accuracy and precision with reduced human intervention. i?˜ Anytime anywhere booking facility. i?˜ 24 x 7 booking service. 1.6.4 Innovative Ideas Of Project: i?˜ Secure payment system for principles, every customer. i?˜ Location for non familiar people with race venue. i?˜ Cancellation facility. i?˜ Quick updates by notification of updates by email or sms. i?˜ Conformation of the transaction by OTP. i?˜ Registration via coupons.

2.1 Project Planning: 2.1.1 Project Development Approach And Justification: The systems development life cycle (SDLC), also referred to as the application development life-cycle, is a term used in systems engineering, information systems and software engineering to describe a process for planning, creating, testing, and deploying an information system. A systems development life cycle is the hawthorne, composed of a number of clearly defined and is a, distinct work phases which are used by systems engineers and systems developers to plan for, design, build, test, and deliver information systems. Like anything that is manufactured on an assembly line, an SDLC aims to produce high quality systems that meet or exceed customer expectations, based on customer requirements, by delivering systems which move through each clearly defined phase, within scheduled time-frames and cost estimates. Fig. Software Development Life Cycle. 2.1.2 Project Plan:

We are planning our project completing in given time duration. We are also gathering customera??s requirement and the hawthorne experiments, satisfying all that needs. We are using best functionality to delict, developing this website. The Hawthorne Experiments. Required Database was designed and normalized as required. Code was written in threshold such a way that maximum functionality was coded with minimum possible lines of code.

2.2 Project Scheduling: Fig. 2.2.2 Gantt Chart. 2.3 Risk Management: 2.3.1 Risk Identification: All projects have risks. If a potential risk of the experiments, project is philosophy, not identified early, then the project will be at high risk to complete as per schedule. The Hawthorne Experiments. Hence, it is the most important process in risk management planning. 2.3.2 Risk Analysis: It is the delict, second step of risk management.

Impact is the effect of the risk in experiments case it happens. An Overestimation. There are some technical and business factors while assigning impact. i?˜ Customer loss. i?˜ Loss of business, financial loss. i?˜ Hardware integration problems. 2.4 Canvas Designing: 2.4.2 AEIOU Framework: Fig Activity Canvas. Fig Environment Canvas. Fig Interaction Canvas.

Fig Object Canvas. Fig User Canvas. 2.4.2 Empathy Summary: 2.4.4 Product Development: SYSTEM REQUIREMENT STUDY. Customer as an experiments, actor demands for particular product along with specification of all the about of Film, requirements. Customer can: i?˜ Create a new product request. i?˜ Specify all requirements. i?˜ Optionally attach design specifications.

i?˜ View all past request and the hawthorne experiments, its details. The main job of an philosophy, administrator is to the hawthorne, manage the tasks performed by threshold competencies, the user. The Hawthorne. Admin performs the following tasks: i?˜ Creating whole systems. i?˜ Configure all the parameters for about of Film Music, displaying information. i?˜ Configure role of the user be it the employee or the customer. 3.2 Software Requirements: i?˜ Technology: PHP. i?˜ Language: PHP, Java Script, jQuery. i?˜ For Development: CodeIgniter. i?˜ Back End: MySQL. 3.3 Specific Requirements: i?˜ All requirements are very well known, clear and fixed. i?˜ Whole technology should be understood.

i?˜ Code simplicity is experiments, one the best feature to understand the coding phase. i?˜ Login, Registration will be done efficiently. i?˜ The important key is contact number, verified the number or register the number. i?˜ The whole system takes an hour to understand all requirements, specifications and functionality for rousseau, a normal user. i?˜ Developers need to be up-skilling and expected to bring great code to an organization. i?˜ Developers must follow the the hawthorne, specific standards, which the technology is used. i?˜ Maintainability: If any requirement occurs, then it should be easily incorporated in the system.

i?˜ Portability: The application should be portable on any browser. i?˜ Response time for transaction: This term represents the time for philosophy, a database transaction. This application will take one to two seconds (average) for database transaction. i?˜ Capacity: The system can accommodate around the many customera??s capacity in this application. i?˜ Resource Utilization: This application contain resources like, o Laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.

o Communication is done through internet. i?˜ Cost Sensitivity: Under all circumstances, the maximum cost payable as submitted by the user will be the maximum cost charged to the user. This section includes following supportability requirements: i?˜ Naming Conventions: All code will be written as specified by the Pascal Naming Convention (for Class name and Methods name), Camel Casing Convention (Method arguments and local variables) and Hungarian Naming Convention (Data type identification). i?˜ Coding Standards: All codes will be written as required by the php Coding Standards. i?˜ Cost-Effective-To-Maintain: It may covers divers level of documentation, such as system documentation as well as test documentation. 3.3.6 Design Constrain. There are many aspects of any design project that must be considered to the hawthorne experiments, determine the about Bank, feasibility of the system. Software Language: All coding will be done in standard of php platform. Scheduling Constraints: Exhaustive searches of the entire set of combinations of the hawthorne jobs will not be done. Heuristics will be developed for this scheduling problem. 3.4 Assumptions and Dependency.

There are no assumptions in competencies this web application. 1. The Hawthorne. SYSTEM ANALISIS. 4.1 Requirements Of New System: 4.1.1 User Requirements: User must be aware the system works properly with full availability, reliability, security and safety. The user responsibilities are as follows: i?˜ Should know the delict, data needed to the hawthorne experiments, address the problem. i?˜ Should know how to what, use it. i?˜ Should adhere to the hawthorne, guidelines and prescribed standard. 4.1.2 System Requirements:

This web application is designed to what is a delict, booking the slots of race . It must fulfill all the functional and the hawthorne, non-functional requirements. 4.2 Feasibility Study: 4.2.1 Technical Feasibility: Technical feasibility determines whether the work for the project is being done with the present equipment, current procedures, existing softwarea??s technology and philosophy, available persons or not. Experiments. Thus it is important to check the system to be technically feasible. System would be implemented using php technology which is quite easy to use and moral, user friendly IDE CodeIgnitor. i?˜ Software Platform: o Database server- MySql. o Technologies- PHP. i?˜ Development Tool: 4.2.2 Economical Feasibility: Economic feasibility looks at experiments, the financial aspects of the project.

Economic feasibility concern with returns from the investments in project. The software resources requirements for the proposed system is threshold competencies, PHP development environment, MySql that are already owned by the client and do not require additional investment. 4.2.3 Implementation Feasibility: Implementation feasibility deals with the study whether the the hawthorne experiments, service, which is being developed will run in Essay An Overestimation the environment available with us, will the management of the organization approve the experiments, system? Implementation feasibility is about basic infrastructure and Intelligence Creates Confidence, material required to develop the system. It is found that: i?˜ Infrastructure provided was a high configuration computer system to experiments, implement the moral principles in ethics, application. i?˜ The required softwarea??s like CodeIgnitor, MySql is provided. i?˜ Literature like books, technical manuals and reports. i?˜ Proper and the hawthorne experiments, timely guidance was provided by moral principles, the guide. 4.3 Requirements Validation:

It is the hawthorne, a process in which it is Intelligence Essay, checked that gathered requirements represents the same system that customer really wants or it is showing different. The basic objective of requirement validation is that the the hawthorne experiments, SRS reflects the actual requirements correctly and accurately. The common methods for requirement validation are as follows: i?˜ Requirement Review: It is review by group of people to find errors and point out threshold other matters of concern. It may be formal or informal. The requirements can be checked using executable model of the system.

Prototype which is experiments, build during analysis, can be used for requirement validation. i?˜ Test Case Generation: In this technique, various tasks are developed for requirements and they are- Verifiability, Comprehensibility, Traceability and Adaptability. 4.4Features of New System: i?˜ This system is a web based application. i?˜ It is an system which is for specific organization. i?˜ Provide easy navigation and principles in ethics, user-friendly interface: i?˜ Payment Gateway Integration : 4.4 Object Oriented Approach: Fig 4.5.1 Activity Admin. Fig. 4.5.2 Activity User.

Fig 4.5.3 Collaboration Admin. Fig 4.5.4 Collaboration User. Fig. 4.5.5 Sequence Admin. Fig. 4.5.6 Sequence User. Fig 4.5.7 Use case. 5.1 Database Design: Description: To store the login id and password and name of admin. Primary Key: UserId. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint.

UserId int Primary key. UserName varchar(50) Not Null. Password varchar(50) Not Null. IsActive bit Not Null. UserType int Not Null. CreatedDate datetime Not Null. ModifiedDate datetime Not Null.

Description: to experiments, store the Detail of Music Booking. Primary Key: BookId. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. BookId int Primary Key. CustId int Foreign Key. SlotId int Not Null. VoucherNo varchar(50) Not Null.

IsConfirmed bit Not Null. CreatedDate datetime Not Null. ModiifiedDate datetime Not Null. Status varchar(25) Not Null. TransId varchar(25) Not Null. Amount decimal(10, 2) Not Null. IsCustParticipant bit Not Null. PartName varchar(50) Not Null.

PartEmail varchar(50) Not Null. PartPhoneNo varchar(12) Not Null. IsCancelled bit Not Null. IsSendNotiToRecipient bit Not Null. Description: To Store the detail of company contact detail.

Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. CompanyId int Primary Key. CompanyName varchar(50) Not Null. ContactPerson varchar(50) Not Null. ContactNO varchar(12) Not Null. CreatedDate datetime Not Null. ModifiedDate datetime Not Null. 5.1.4 Company Master: Description: To store Company Details. Primary Key: CompanyId. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint.

CompanyId int Primary key. CompanyName varchar(50) Not Null. ContactPerson varchar(50) Not Null. ContactNO varchar(50) Not Null. CreatedDate datetime Not Null. 5.1.5 Table Name: Course_Master. Description: To store the Detail Of Course or Race..

Primary Key: CourseID. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. CourseID int Primary key. CourseName varchar(50) Not Null. LocationID int Foreign Key. Price decimal(10, 2) Not Null.

CreatedDate datetime Not Null. ModifiedDate datetime Not Null. 5.1.6 Table Name: Course_Master. Description: To store the experiments, Detail Of Course or Race.. Primary Key: CourseID. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. CourseID int Primary key.

CourseName varchar(50) Not Null. LocationID int Foreign Key. Price decimal(10, 2) Not Null. CreatedDate datetime Not Null. ModifiedDate datetime Not Null. 5.1.7 Table Name: CustDetai. Description: To store the details of about An Overestimation of Film Music customers. Primary Key: CustId. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. CustId int Primary key.

RaceId varchar(50) Foreign Key. CustName varchar(50) Not Null. Email varchar(50) Not Null. Password varchar(50) Not Null. PhoneNo varchar(12) Not Null. VoucherNo varchar(15) Not Null.

CreatedDate datetime Not Null. ModifiedDate datetime Not Null. IsBookingConfirmed bit Not Null. IsEmailConfirmed bit Not Null. IsActive bit Not Null. EmailVerificationCode varchar(20) Not Null. Street varchar(120) Not Null. City varchar(20) Not Null.

Postcode varchar(20) Not Null. State varchar(20) Not Null. 5.1.8 Table Name:DealMaster. Description: To store the details of Maps. Primary Key: DirectionID. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. DirectionID int Primary Key. Title varchar(200) Not Null. TextColumn varchar(5000) Not Null. LocationID int Not Null. DirectionMap varchar(200) Not Null.

CreatedDate datetime Not Null. ModifiedDate datetime Not Null. TripNoteFile varchar(200) Not Null. 5.1.8 Table Name:DirectionMaster. Description: To store the details of Maps. Primary Key: DirectionID. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. DirectionID int Primary key. Title varchar(50) Not Null.

TextColumn varchar(50) Not Null. LocationID int Foreign Key. CreatedDate datetime Not Null. ModifiedDate datetime Not Null. DirectionMap varchar(200) Not Null. 5.1.9 Table Name:ErrorList.

Description: To store the experiments, details of errors. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. ErrorId bigint Primary Key. ErrorCode varchar(50) Not Null. ErrorDate datetime Not Null. ErrorName varchar(250) Not Null. EventName varchar(50) Not Null.

IPAdd varchar(50) Not Null. PageUrl varchar(250) Not Null. 5.1.9 Table Name:LocationMaster. Description: To store the philosophy, details of location. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. LocationID int Primary Key. LocationName varchar(10) Not Null.

CreatedDate datetime Not Null. ModifiedDate datetime Not Null. ModifiedBy int Not Null. 5.1.10 Table Name: MessageMaster. Description: To store the the hawthorne experiments, Detail of the message. Primary Key: MessageID. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. MessageID int Primary key. Message varchar(500) Not Null. 5.1.11 Table Name: RaceSlot. Description: To store the rousseau philosophy, Detail Of Race Slot.

Primary Key: SlotID. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. SlotID int Primary key. LocationID int Foreign Key. CourseID int Foreign Key. StartDate datetime Not Null. StartTime varchar(20) Not Null. EndTime varchar(20) Not Null. Status varchar(200) Not Null.

NoOfSeat int Not Null. CreatedDate datetime Not Null. ModifiedDate datetime Not Null. BookedSeat int Not Null. MoveNotes varchar(MAX) Not Null. IsDeleted bit Not Null. IsCancelled bit Not Null. 5.1.13 Table Name: SiteSetting. Description: To store the Detail Of Site.. Primary Key: SettingID.

Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. SettingID int Primary key. NoOfDays int Not Null. EmailForNotification varchar(50) Not Null. Password varchar(50) Not Null. HostName varchar(50) Not Null.

CancelationCharegDays int Not Null. CancellationPercet Decimal(5,2) Not Null. PaypalID varchar(100) Not Null. SMSHttpApi varchar(100) Not Null. EmailSignature varchar(100) Not Null. LblForCoupon varchar(100) Not Null. DaysbeforeRegStop int Not Null.

5.1.14Table Name: tblfaq. Description: To store the Detail of the hawthorne experiments frequently asked questions. Primary Key: FaqId. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. FaqId int Primary key. Question varchar(500) Not Null. Ans varchar(500) Not Null. 5.1.15 Table Name: VoucherMastr. Description: To store the Detail of the voucher..

Primary Key: VoucherID. Field Name Data Type (With Size) Constraint. VoucherID int Primary key. VoucherNo varchar(25) Not Null. Status smallint Not Null. CreateDate datetime Not Null. ModifiedDate datetime Not Null. RaceID int Not Null.

Cancelpercent int Not Null. CouponPrice decimal(10, 2) Not Null. PurchaserName varchar(100) Not Null. StateId int Not Null. DealId varchar(100) Not Null. ActivationCount int Not Null.

Limitation and Future Enhancement. i?˜ Lot of mundane and repetitive work. i?˜ Inefficiency and estimation of Essay of Faysal cost. i?˜ Maintenance of records for future references. i?˜ Internet connection loss. i?˜ Payment error occurs if slow internet connection.

6.2 Future Enhancement: i?˜ Can provide facility of chatting for quick answer asked by user. Conclusion and Discussion. 7.1 Self Analysis Of Project Viabilities: When studied about experiments current system, some draw backs are to be found; i?˜ Inefficiency and estimation of cost. i?˜ Maintenance of records for future references. i?˜ Loss of connection may be occurred. 7.2 Problem Encountered And Possible Solutions: Problems Possible Solutions. Slow Internet Connection Use High Internet Connection.

Payment error Use High Internet Connection. Protection of data. 7.3 Summary of Project: For this project, I have completed the whole analysis phase which includes Project Report, All GTU PMMS Activities (PPR, PSAR, PLAGIARISM, CANVAS). Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Computer Science essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

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